Wednesday, April 08, 2009

If you are interested in coming with me...

The North Dallas Photography Club that I am a part of is hosting this meeting Thursday night, if you want to come with me just let me know:

"Digital Scrapbooking"
7:30 pm at the Mckinney Performing Arts center - $8.00 per person

Greetings Fellow Digital Imaging Enthusiast,

I am excited to announce to our April meeting will be Digital Scrapbooking hosted by one of our own members, Lisa Laxton. Scrapbooking has been an expanding industry and pass time for many years. However, with the recent explosion of affordable digital cameras, this industry has taken on a whole new direction known as Digital Scrapbooking.

Lisa will demonstrate how to create layouts, collages, and multi-page spreads with the creativity of a Scrapbooking influence. She will be demonstrating her talents using Photoshop Elements, but these techniques can also be used in the full Photoshop CS versions as well.


Ryann said...

I want to come!

My name is Andrea said...

Janie, dangit, I want to go and I have it written down on my calendar, but I have an auxillary training meeting tonight. :o(