Thursday, April 16, 2009

took that post down

because I came across witchy 
but I am going to put the links back up so as not to confuse anyone:

maybe its you and not your baby

saw a mom today be totally mean to another mom because she set down her kids drink and the other womans son picked it up and drank from it. - It was an unnecessary freak out IMO - the kid wasn't sick and it ended her son's trip to the park because he started crying about his drink that she had thrown away. I would have wiped it off and gave it right back to my kid. Guess I'm the wierdo - Cora enjoyed sitting and eating some sticks.

I didn't get to particpate in the Tea parties yesterday, but I wish I could have. Dang pinewood derby


Abby said...

I agree. Whenever my kids are being less-than-perfect, I immediately ask myself what I've done to create the problem. And I usually instantly discover what I've done. There are millions of kids everywhere, good and not so good, many in very similar situations. The one thing that varies: their parents. I came to the startling conclusion today that my child is acting like a spoiled brat right now because she IS a spoiled brat. She wasn't a year ago, but she sure as hell is now. And there is only one person to blame for it: me. I made her that way. And I am determined that it's not a lost fight and if I want her to live I will un-spoil her at my earliest convenience before I kill the little darling.

About the germaphobes. I think I'm better than many about this, but not as relaxed as you are. I make my kid wash her hands when she comes home from church and school because I am just SICK TO DEATH OF HER GETTING SICK. My gosh, I am close to banging my head against a wall. It's not hurting her, but it sure is hurting me listening to her damn whining all day long when she is sick. It's a pain in the ass and that's why I try to avoid sick kids.

I do flip out when parents don't teach their kids to wash their hands properly after going to the bathroom, however. The toilet handle is one of the germiest things in the world. It's people who poop, wipe, flush, and then walk out the door who spread E-coli and meningitis to the rest of us. Pisses me off. That's not a common cold, that's crap that can kill. Be responsible you morons. It takes one extra minute to prevent a lot of serious illnesses by not spreading your crap-germs all over tarnation. End rant.

Janie said...

amen abby,
I am most definitely a "wash your hands" person
Common sense rules! I fight with my son on a daily basis about having dirty hands - it must be a boy thing - or I have let him become a punk
its probably me :)

PS. it never ceases to amaze me the people who leave public restrooms without washing their hands - YUCK

Meredith said...

I'm sorry that the pinewood derby is a thorn in your side right now...however, I will say, that I can't remember the last time Christian was so excited about something. And because he's never been...he has no expectations whatsoever. He is in heaven with his little car. He reads his little pinewood derby book every night. And he absolutely can not wait until Saturday. Whatever you do will be appreciated to the high heavens!

Janie said...

Oh man Meredith I didn't mean to complain that much - We just don't really know what we are doing :( but we are really hoping that is not apparent come Saturday!
B is very excited too - when he saw the track set up in the house he about hit the roof!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the link love. That's a sad, lame story about the park mama - some people need to learn to relax!