Monday, February 14, 2011

Electronic Mail... Home movie version

In honor of valentine's day I present a short glimpse of Kyle and I where we met... Longwood College. Its now Longwood University. A small AWESOME school right smack dab in the middle of Virginia. We reminisce about it all the time. There are HOURS of embarrassing footage from longwood now on my computer. We did SNL type skits and they are so horrible they make your teeth hurt and your sides ache from laughter. One day when I am senile enough to not be embarrassed maybe I'll put them up.

Anyway, check out that stellar computer lab in the video. Remember when you printed out emails to save them? or was that just me??
I remember when I was about to leave longwood the talk was they were going to require each incoming student to own a computer. No way we said that is an undue financial hardship - I mean not everyone can afford a computer!!!

funny to imagine now..I wonder what they did with the old computer lab...

ps. feel free to tease Kyle about the posters on his walls - I am sure he'll say they were Jonny's

Monday, February 07, 2011

Picture pages...

There is a giveaway going on over at PREPARE & PROSPER, check it out
Ella placed 5th out of 30 something kids in the UIL Storytelling Competition - I am so proud of my animated storyteller !!!
I take a lot of pictures with ipod, they are not always the best but its fun to have a "camera" on had most of the time. I tend to annoy Benjamin - who is hard to get a picture of with the real camera because is actively evasive.

We were iced in most of last week. I loved almost every minute. But its was nice to finally get out of the house on Saturday.
We had a fire going almost the whole time. - Thanks to me bringing in about 45 logs before the storm and then chipping more wood out of the ice later.

I caught up on all my reading.
I HIGHLY recommend this book:
and will probably post more about it later
When boredom sunk in I texted pictures of my zit to my sister:
PJ cozy by the fire - I swear this baby is so cute he gives me chest pains.