Friday, March 31, 2006


I am going to put my Avon order in a little bit earlier this week - So get your orders in by Monday!!!! Don't forget stuff for Easter Baskets!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

one more translation...

I forgot one to add to the previous post - this happened last week, Ella wanted me to come into her classroom because they had painted a "secret miracle" -- Curious I went and saw a lovely scenic mural, LOL

Bad Mom on Trial...

Do you ever feel like the stars have aligned against you -- last night it started -- first I couldn't sleep so I read until about 12:30 then finally dozed off only to be woke up by Maiya at 1:15 - her fussiness lasted on and off until about 2:40 am and finally ended with a dose of tylenol and 30 minutes of continuous rocking to home and garden television. Needless to say we were running late this morning. I couldn't find a bra to save my life and couldn't even consider a shower -- so off we went. Fast forward to the new dentist's office a couple of hours later (Maiya had continued her fussiness so a late shower was out of the question). Benjamin went first and when the dental hygeinist came out; I asked how it went -- I immediately got that "look", you mom's know it. The "you are not on the ball mother" look. And without stepping into the hallway or anything, right there in front of a full waiting room she says "Well he has THREE cavities and one is serious, you really shouldn't let him have so much root beer." random "What are you talking about?? Root beer??" "He said he drinks root beer everyday" I said "He's FIVE, he also has aliens living inside of him - did he tell you about that, I hardly ever buy root beer, and that's beside the point" I think the real issue is that his teeth are VERY close together and difficult to clean and he grinds his teeth a LOT. Now I could have been sensitive by this point but I am pretty sure she rolled her eyes "All kids grind their teeth, that is very common" and at that very instant I saw myself, my bra-less, sleepy, dirty clothed, snotty nosed baby on hip self and it hit; ohhhh you think I'm that kind of mom - it was like I saw it in her eyes, she probably thought I had never even bought them a toothbrush before...
I suppose if this post had a point it would be: first, I may look like it but I am not that kind of mom - the truth is not many mothers are - we do the best we can with what we got!! Second, if I was I wouldn't have even brought him to the dentist!!! Third, I don't care what kind of insurance I have or don't have, I am your customer -- treat me like it!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Lip sauce and hot burps

I should have a regular thread of translated terms from the kids... Avon came in today and as I was organizing it, I gave Ella a catalog and told her could pick out something. Well she picked out something on EVERY page, I would like this one, and this one, all the way to page 170-something. It kept her occupied though -- when I broke the news that she would have to pick out her favorite - she said I know what I want-- pink lip sauce!! I assumed she meant gloss...
Then tonight Benjamin said he thought he had a fever, and when he didn't feel warm at all I asked him if something hurt and he said "yeah I have hot burps" -- well honey that's called indigestion, that's what you get for eating too much pizza then running all over the place.
And last but not least, as Ella would say Daddy is going to Teckis (or Texas) again -- but this is a short trip, he'll be back Wed. night.

Side story...
Maiya is h*ll on wheels -- the other night she was literally chasing Benjamin around in her walker, I couldn't believe it but on the kitchen floor she was weaving around after him - Kyle went for the video camera but it was out of juice, Alas the third baby, so much love, so little time on film!!

Gram is home and doing pretty good, we hear she's bruised up pretty well, but getting around a bit. The pacemaker is doing its job -- and Nana even reported Gram being "too warm" -- that says a lot for someone I've seen shiver in 95 degree weather. Keep getting better, we love you Gram!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

God Bless and Get Well Soon...

Gram (Kyle's Grandmother) had a pacemaker implanted yesterday -- you are in our thoughts and prayers, Gram!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Campaign 7

AVON orders due by tomorrow morning!!!!!!! Haiku is on sale 9.99 for those of you who are fans!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Clever Sibling Rivalry

As most of you know Benjamin loves playing on the computer, but Ella also enjoys her games too - Nick Jr's "girlie" games. She gets so annoyed when she steps away for one second and her brother takes over the computer, so yesterday she solved that problem. When she had to go to the bathroom she took the wireless mouse with her. I sat down at the computer and was wondering where in the heck the mouse could be when she walks out of the bathroom with it!!

We are battling illness again - I am just about sure Kindergarten isn't to prepare them academically for first grade its strictly to build up their immune system! The funny thing about the kids though is how even fevers can become a contest. At three in the morning Benjamin's fever went up to 103 and all he could muster to say was "wake up Ella and tell her that I am sick" Then Ella yesterday waited anxiously with the thermometer in her mouth -- "Is it more than Benjamin?"

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where did my 'baby' go?

Baby Olympic Curling
She looovvvves her table Nana!

Maiya start pulling up on her knees yesterday and all the way to standing today!! She "claps" and sometimes waves good-bye and says what we think is mama and dada but we could just be partial to those sounds!! Her crib is now at the lowest level. And don't even think about coming near her with food or drink unless you are planning to share! This is all happening too fast...

Monday, March 13, 2006

MMMMMMMM Cheese...

So we are trying to be better about having Family Home Evening, though its still varies what night that actually happens... But tonight it actually happened on a Monday. Kyle told the kids to decide on a song and snack - Ella immediately picked the song and Benjamin ran off saying he'd do the snack. Then he proceeded to lay out on the table one slice of cheese for each of us. He was very proud of himself. Later we were playing our new favorite board game (Cranium Family Fun --
and one of the questions was name 3 of the 5 most spoken languages in the world. I tried to get Benjamin started on the answer -- "What do we speak?" and just as serious as he could be " I know, I know we speak Normal."

PS. To any of my Mom friends who happen to check out this game (we really do love it) it says for ages 8 and up, but with a little adjusting as we go the kids have done great with it - I would even guess that it could get a little boring for kids over eight.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


"Mom told a scary ghost story which I LOVED, but now I don't want to go to my bed"
Mobile and loving it -- I can only liken Maiya's joy of crawling to giving a teenager keys to their own sports car.
Already beating up big sister.
Isn't this why I had two girls - to dress them alike?
Someone got grumpy so I took her picture and that made her even more mad...
storming away...
Wow, I am so glad my Mom didn't have the chance to blog my hissy fits ;)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Nana!!!
"You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime."
John P. Grier

Search, Ponder, and Sleep?

Still recuperating...

Well our trip was wonderful!!!!!!!!!! So much so that we are still sleep deprived 3 days later.
It was nice to be kid free for a while, we ate out at our favorite Richmond restaurants, did a little shopping, had the hotel pool and hot tub to ourselves, then Tuesday we made a trip to the DC Temple. Everything was great, even with a sore throat!! Our favorite part was being at the temple again, it has been way too long since we got to go. It also worked out that we were there exactly on the Anniversary of our Sealing Ceremony!! - That made it even more special to us.
Thanks again to Aunt Beth and Aunt Meg!!!!!!!

Ms. Maiya has almost all four top teeth in now - It seems she is growing too fast, pretty soon she will have a completely toothy grin!! We got her a walker for the trip. The point was to get her out of trouble. She is way fast now and tries to eat everything in sight. Now I know all babies do that, but Maiya takes the cake. For one thing she can choke on her own spit - I am not lying since she was born she will randomly choke for no reason. Now that she can actually find objects to choke on I have had to do the finger sweep way more than any mother should have to. So the walker was a possible solution, but it hasn't worked out that way - now she just scoots around pulling choking hazards off tables and shelves. rrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Seven Years and no itch...

Well we are on our way to Richmond -- Monday night we have reservations at the Crown Plaza;) for our anniversary. And perfect timing I have come down with what the kids had, fever and sore throat. It better be gone by tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ella's Artwork

She specifically asked that these be put on the blog ;)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just Great!!

Well I guess you could say Kyle was in an accident today, except he was sitting at his desk at the time. Some lady in a brand spanking new SUV (still had 30 day tags) "lost control" of her behemoth in the parking lot at his office, slamming it into another SUV which then slammed into our little KIA. The real kicker about the whole thing, is that the entire time it took people to gather around, the cops to come, the tow trucks, etc. She NEVER ONCE got out of her car -- she didn't check on anybody or anything. She just cried and called people on her cell phone - apparently the only person she would speak to was the cop. No matter, we got her insurance info -- just wish us luck with the rest...

Routines are funny

So Ella is doing much better but still has a runny nose and you are not allowed to bring your kid to preschool with "nasal discharge" so we are in week two of no preschool. Surprisingly even though we hadn't been doing it for long, not going makes me feel like my whole schedule is off kilter. I keep feeling like I am forgetting something or should be somewhere; its weird. Although, it is nice to have my morning buddy again, even if she is a little snotty.
This morning to keep ourselves busy we watched the "baby" shows like we used to do. Now for those of you who don't know the ins and outs of Ella she is determined she is going to be a doctor (a doctor that pulls the babies out to be specific). And anything that is in the medical field will be perfect for her with her fascination with the body and all its functions. She is addicted to the baby shows which is any show involving birthing either "baby story" on TLC or anything on Discovery Health, and she will choose these shows over any cartoons. And she doesn't just watch she studies. Today we started watching mid show and I wasn't sure if the lady was having twins or not. So I asked Ella and she says very seriously "I don't know yet I am watching her belly to see how much down it goes and then I will know" and as soon as the baby was born Ella says "yes there will be another baby" and before Ella finished her statement the doctor told the nurses to get ready for number two. Forget preschool she should start studying for her MCAT's now.

Now other updates;
Benjamin is writing his numbers really well now and counting into the 110's - In fact the other night he said he was going to show me something amazing and he wrote 111. "Isn't that amazing mom one hundred and eleven is all ones."
Maiya is crawling. Really crawling. The baby gate has been installed on the stairs. And she has decided she doesn't like sleeping in the dark. She will still let us lay her down awake, but protests very strongly if we switch off the lights. She is like her big brother in many ways. I have tried to "wean" him off sleeping with his lamp on, so I put a smaller star light on his wall and that didn't do it, so I put a small lamp in the window and that didn't do it, so I put in a night
and that didn't do it either. In fact some nights he will turn them all on - and its like a airport runway -- yet he sleeps so should I complain? I am not the one sleeping in the sun.