Monday, January 23, 2012

Someone has a bit of a lisp

Maiya lost her front tooth and just in time to- her permanent tooth was starting to make her gums look angry above

And in other news I feel gross

Thursday, January 19, 2012


 my precious moments baby boy.
 Ella's artwork was in the County fair

 while there we went to visit the cows and hear them say "MOOOOOOOOOOooooooo"
Benjamin made first chair in Tuba :)

My kids make me so pleased.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Unless you work at Golden Corral...

I have probably cooked more than you in the past few days. 

In fact in the span of 4.5 days I cooked over 48 meals!! All those meals plus extra beans for the freezer.
You see cooking is the only thing I can do ahead of time. I can't stockpile laundry or vacuuming.
Over $400 shopping trip (three stores)

60 pans and lids from Sams club
Triple or quadruple batches of everything, above chili, below pork tenderloin with tomatoes over rice and veggies. (or maybe that's chicken I don't remember.)

one layer of saran wrap then lid to prevent freezer burn, Just don't forget to take off the saran wrap before putting in oven.
and label.

I have my own Hyperemesis Gravidarium protocol in place based off several from other people who go through this too:

Mine is not quite as in-depth.

1. Make tons of meal (DONE, I'd make more if I had more freezer space.)
2. Homemade Dilectin: borrowed from Whining Puker ( I have done this before but not smaller doses spread out during the day like she suggests)
10 mg Vitamin B6
10 mg Doxylamine Succinate, or Unisom - this is roughly half of one 25 mg tablet
3. Force myself to eat every 2 hours- Up protein at all meals! Snack on nuts.

4. Stay hydrated, and drink lots of lemon water (lemon is high alkaline, which can help based off this article.)
5. I am NOT taking pre-natal vitamins this time. They make me throw up - no way around it. So I am not trying anymore. A vitamin thrown up is not as good as a meal kept down.
6. Pray and meditate because like Ina May says "feelings effect labor" so I say feelings effect morning sickness too!
7. I honestly think that still breastfeeding PJ will help ease my morning sickness. Nursing while pregnant this is new for me.

I'll be six weeks along on Wednesday and I have not been sick yet (never gone this long before, so maybe the tides have changed for me! One sister from church said the older she got the less morning sickness she had so hip,hip, hooray for later pregnancies!!!

I have no defense for being pregnant at my sister's wedding. I have felt comfort in prayer that I will be A-OK for the big day. Which is rapidly approaching - how exciting!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Yes I am.

True Story

So one time we went to Disneyworld.

We planned that trip with the zeal that only NASA can plan a trip to the moon.

Kyle went to this site: Tour Guide Mike's


sometimes daily.

That planning paid off - we hardly waited in line AT. ALL. And we got free dining for all of us!

We found the best travel agent who found a room that would accommodate three adults, three kids and one infant.

We saved so much money we decided to fly there instead of drive. (we honestly didn't know if we all could fit plus luggage in a minivan.)

So we found a great deal on plane tickets and booked, not really thinking that we just put ourselves arriving one day early. So we had to add a night to our hotel stay.

Which put us at Disney with one day without park tickets. But that's cool because the hotel itself was rocking.

So we arrived, unpacked and Kyle promptly crashed on the bed to sleep. Meg and I decided to take the kids to the pool. The kids donned bathing suits and dashed ahead. Then Meg went pushing the stroller and I made my way down the path in front of the hotel rooms.

But something caught my eye.


not a weed.

weed. the kind that comes in little bags.

I was like holy crap - that's marijuana so I did what anyone would do, I grabbed it and took it back to our hotel room.

Tried to wake up Kyle "hey I found some weed outside."

He grumbled and rolled over, I left the bag on his book and went swimming.

When we got back I really woke him up and he was like "did you say something about weed?"

"Yeah I found some on the sidewalk, what should we do?"

we debated about how funny of a souvenir that would be and then decided to just call the front desk and let them come get it.

They sent up the OLDEST security guard I have ever seen - I think he said he was 90 and he was on a segway - he was rockin cool.  He said thanks and took the weed.

We wondered what he was going to do with it.

We went to Disney and all we got was a lousy bag of weed.

true story.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Video response to Biggest loser.

Biggest Loser Australia's theme this season is "Love Yourself" which means love yourself AFTER you've lost weight. The commercial is a wonderful example of exploiting other's pain for your financial gain. It saddens me.

The Amazing Ragen who blogs here, organized this video response! Its so very awesome and Kyle and I are in it:

Sunday, January 08, 2012

true story...

I thought it would be interesting to write a series about the strange things that have happened to me.

I had a few ideas bumbling around in my head but then this happened to me last night and I thought I'd write about it first.

Unfortunately its sad.

Kyle and I made a late night run to Albertons to stock up on some of the deals they had - and halfway through I had to ummm... go #2...

Its the bane of my existence.  Needing to poop while out shopping.

My sister always says if I am constipated I just need to go to walmart.

(for Kyle its bookstores) LOL

Anyway Albertson's bathroom at almost 11 pm is kind of creepy so I was aware of my surroundings you might say when someone walked in to the stall next to me.

And their feet stayed facing the toilet for quite sometime.

I thought..


I'm in the men's bathroom.

Then I heard a familiar heart breaking sound.... gagging... followed by vomiting.

completely silent vomiting. and there was 4 rounds of it.

very quiet gagging then silent vomiting.

whoever she was next to me...

she was making herself throw up.

It made me so sad.

I left the stall and washed my hands. And went to leave but I couldn't.

I said

Are you ok?

"I'm fine just a little sick"

Then my hands started shaking and I debated in my mind but said this even though I wasn't sure if I should:

"If you are doing that to yourself, Please I beg of you - get help."

she didn't respond. she didn't deny anything.

and I quietly left.

I met Kyle at checkout and saw the usual magazine covers... and thought how sad the whole situation is. Can a daughter of God with that much self hate, and self injury reach her full potential?

If you wonder why body image, self esteem, and size acceptance is important to me - This story is another reason why.

true story.

LDS women discuss...

Are you in on this conversation?  click its a link, about this:

If you could ask Sister Julie B. Beck, the General Relief Society President,  any question what would it be?

Yes. I mean ANY question.

Such as:

  • Why do only men hold the priesthood? 
  • How do women really fit into the church? Do they have a place?
  • Why were Relief Society Meetings-- formerly known as Enrichment-- formerly known as Home, Family and Personal Enrichment--formerly known as Homemaking done away with? 
  • When is it OK to say NO? Is it ever?
  • What are we supposed to do with that new book they just put out? (Daughters in my kingdom)

I just have to say a lot of the comments resonate with me and they are not things that I can easily talk about with people...

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My life in technology

sooooo... we got iphones of the 4S variety.

they are awesome.

then our home computer died promptly on us - that would be a big ol dose of budget karma.

But Kyle is using his mad computer skills on it to devise a resurrection and we added carbonite off site backup a while back so I know my roughly one BILLION pictures are safe.

While playing with my iphone I kept daydreaming about going back in time and handing it to the me at like say age 14 - How freaking cool would that have been?

I laugh telling my kids about tech of ages past:

My Me-Maw was the first person I remember having a VCR - to record her "Stories" aka soaps. It had a remote super fancy, but it was not wireless, it had a 20 foot cord that you had to roll back up when you were done using the remote.

I remember my dad getting us a new nice 3000 lb TV once and when he worked it out of the box the remote fell out, he couldn't remember what its name was so he said "hey hand me that TV box thing"
TO. THIS. DAY.  Me, my sister and mother still call it the "TV box" and now Kyle does sometimes too and maybe even my kids.

I remember when we got an Apple IIe,  We were the envy of the neighborhood. Except for the family that had a TV in their parents bedroom and the kitchen - because who in the world needed 3 TV's??
With our Apple IIe, people came over to play "troll" (see pic above) and make banners - remember those banners - the printer paper with the little holes on the side that you had to rip ever so carefully or you'd rip your banner apart?

A short time later our Apple was obsolete and that pissed my dad off so much he swore off computers for the rest of his life.

That is until the internet came along. Then on Christmas break we borrowed a computer from my mom's school and set it up and visited some "chat rooms"

It only took about 10 minutes for every single thing to load. If you were lucky.

In college email was still relatively new. I remember if you asked someone "do you have an email address" there was a chance they didn't.  There were 2 computers for use by our entire hall and few people had their own.

I printed off emails that I found particularly special or funny.

My last year at Longwood the talk was that in the next two years they would require every student to have their own personal computer. We considered this cruel and unattainable for the masses.

And now computers are on our phones... and I've been waaaaaay behind the times in getting one.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

His body, His rights, His agency, not yours.

the most comprehensive review of the issue of genital cutting that I have ever seen:

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Top 10

He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice.

Most visited posts of 2011:

10. You have my permission to forgive yourself. This post was inspired by someone comparing being fat to being a smoker. Which is about the same as comparing a meth addict to being tall. Smoking is a behavior. Fat is not.; neither is being short, or brown eyed, or curlied headed.

9. The harder you try to lose weight - are you constantly trying to restrict your calories or thinking about doing so - stop it, its messing with your body's homeostasis and hormones and might be making your body bigger. Intuitive eating is where its at!

8. You have my permission to love your body! Where my HAES (Health at Every Size) journey starts. Just this time last year I was adding a calorie tracker to my ipod. NEVER AGAIN DIETING INDUSTRY!! I have found the light - follow me to it :)

7. Depression - where the dog dug up my new garden 

6. No-poo - all about how to take care of your curls by going shampoo free!

5. Are you being a bully? Talking crap about yourself is ok right?? ummm no. Especially if you are bad mouthing features that someone in the room has, come on ladies you're smarter than that.

4. The Silence was deafening... woo ... boy ... On this topic of saying no to birth control, feathers were ruffled. Reminded me of a podcast where the person said 'want to hide something from the Church? just put it in the scriptures...they'll miss it in there' Just because its between "husband and wife" doesn't mean you weren't asked to do it.

3. "Further thoughts on that topic" became popular after I guest blogged at one of my favorite blogs here, "A Mormon perspective on sterilization."  It was a follow-up to my original post on the topic here: Off my chest LDS & birth control.

2. Dear Lisa Masterson. Your misguided views on natural childbirth and infant circumcision are such BS. I'd feel sorry for you being so ignorant if it wasn't for the fact that you are on TV. Reason # 1 doctors don't deserve your blind following: you can get your MD degree and be just as misguided and rude as this chick.

1. PE... Gym Class. Did you hate it too? Make exercise which should be fun a torture session? Sorry to hear that, here are my ideas to make it better.

Fight the power be happy just the way you are!
(I admit to a little body snarking myself that I have avoided in the rest of my HAES posts.)

My favorite blog of the year elsewhere was: Ragen Chastain at Dances with Fat. Getting to have lunch with her in Dallas was very, very cool. And I am working on a little project with her right now :)

My second favorite blog of the year: Women in the Scriptures

My favorite post of the year (never linked up here before): Ten Rules for Fat Girls if you are new to accepting your body the way it is, print this out and hang it somewhere prominent.

In 2012 I will continue blogging about my adorable kids. Maybe there will be another one? I hope so (see # 4 & 3)
My sister is getting married in March - lots of pictures in the blog future!
I may tackle my spiritual ramblings more here - but they are tough ones. Like I can't even get my mind out of a pretzel sometimes - can I write about this too? kind of spiritual stuff.
I want to write more about routine infant circ. too. Ya know before I have to take down the blog for all the embarrassing stuff I've already put on here.

I hope its a wonderful year for you and I hope to see you around these parts!