Thursday, March 25, 2010


OH boy have I been so needy as of late... for all the obvious reasons. But, I am starting to feel better and that seems to be a whole nother mess.
Its a mess because my morning sickness seems to "click" on but doesn't "click" off. I slllowwwwwllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy start to feel better. Right now I am at the point of losing my mind because there I so many things I feel like I 'need' to do but I still don't quite feel well enough to do any of them.

I need to clean this house. Everyone has helped so much around here, but I need to overhaul everything. Maiya and Cora still have almost free reign and that means mess everywhere. Right now the dining room chairs are built into the fourth fort of the past two weeks, art projects mean broken crayons and little pieces of paper everywhere. Cora decided to play Mardi Gras with the clothes in her dresser, so there are 2T clothes decorating every surface in my bedroom. There is still popcorn all over the gameroom from movie night three weeks ago. I could go on and on....
I just don't have the energy to do it yet.

I need to start cooking dinner - but I did make it last night and raw ingredients are still a big gross fest.

I need to charge my camera and pick it back up one of these days. As my mom reminds me she'd like to see a somewhat recent picture of her grandkids.

I need to start exercising. But I guess cleaning the house would be a better place to start.

I need to start combing my hair and putting on makeup again. Those two things usually help me feel better - but first I need ALL new makeup- remember that part of Maiya and Cora having too much freedom. Somehow all my eye makeup is powder and all my lipstick and mascara are mixed.

how bout you guys??? Need something?

need a good laugh? - check this out: Kids scare the crap out of sleeping uncle
(I just hope he's not a returned vet, that could trigger some major PTSD)

need a good cry? - check this out : Nella Cordelia's Birth Story
(A mother comes to terms with her beautiful new daughter's Down Syndrome diagnosis)

need a good scare? - check this out: IOUSA
(The staggering state of debt this country is in. It prompted a conversation that lasted well into the night between me and Kyle)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

more random thoughts

first off....
  • Happy Birthday NANA!!!
  • Nana got a job, which she is grateful for I'm sure, first for the obvious reasons, and because she won't have take care of me so much :)
  • I am doing a little bit better, but a "little bit"in the sense that I am ok with living at this point but am still sick all the time.
  • It feels like I am on ship, slightly dizzy, very nauseous, never get real sleep because I am just uncomfortable enough to be awake, therefore I try to make up for lost sleep by wanting to 'try' and get more all day.
  • There is an aspect of agoraphobia in my morning sickness. Under no circumstances do I want to leave my house. I have fears of barfing in embarrassing places, worry about running to the bathroom, odd smells others may have, food smells, exhaustion, etc. Normally I'd be bat crazy with cabin fever, but no, not now.
  • Yes though this pregnancy is better than usual, I have not had unrelenting vomiting, and therefore have not gotten dehydrated, and have not had to go to the hospital - HOORAY!
  • I have been very nervous the past week about some questionable bloodwork my mom got from the doctor - she FINALLY got to see the oncologist and everything is going to be ok - once again HOORAY
  • I am watching too much TV - not really because I like TV, but it distracts from the nausea.
  • There are very few things I like on TV, but you can tell how much I watch lately from my current list: almost anything TLC, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Intervention, Hoarders, Family Feud, Cash Cab, America's funniest home movies, and Who wants to be a millionaire, and what can I say from all that programming? - We are a country pretty much full of IDIOTS.
  • Kyle continues to be absolutely amazing. As well as the kids, Benjamin and Ella are very forgiving of all I cannot do. I am determined to take them to see either Wimpy Kid or How to train a Dragon in the theater this month. Lord help me.
  • Diary of a Wimpy kid is to fourth grade boys what Junie B is to first grade girls.
  • Maiya and Cora are my little angels. I do not think any other children their age could behave so well. They entertain each other. Partially clean up. Cora takes LONG naps, and Maiya is dealing well with being homebound. I promise to make it up to her SOON, as she says "mommy remember when we used to go to the park?"
  • I have been researching childbirth a lot. Its seems to make this part bearable to remind myself there is a purpose. Have you seen Business of Being Born? AMAZING. Every woman who is pregnant or considering being pregnant should see this movie. It confirms what I have felt all along. Pitocin is the most abused drug in medicine. It leads to the cycle far too many go through: painful pitocin contractions, early epidural because of the pain, which combined together cause stress on the baby, then they whisk you away for a C-section. It is so sad that 30% of women in America are getting c-sections. After having one threatened with Cora, I am on high alert, and will do things much differently this time.

BEWARE - there are breasts and birth in this clip

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The New and Improved.......


Aunt Meg here: I came to visit the family and get a root canal. While here Maiya and I decided to cut our hair! This is her first ever haircut! And she ROCKS it!

So here is the new her:



Monday, March 01, 2010

I won't bore you with details.

I made it to March.

I made it to March.

I made it to March.

now if I can just make it to April.