Monday, March 30, 2009


Why is it that when you are the busiest and have a loooonnngg to do list - your computer gets a virus!!!!!!!!!!

Anywho I am on Meg's computer upstairs, which is slow, and away from the action. I don't think I could ever have an official "office" the computer needs to be in the middle of everything for me.
We had a WONDERFUL weekend. 

Dave Ramsey was a blast. Who knew learning about personal finance could be so fun. We left totally pumped and Kyle and I have re-did our budget - the right way. We are starting the envelope system, something I have wanted to do but wasn't quite motivated enough. 

Wanna see what the kids did - go here

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Refuge

ref⋅uge   [ref-yooj] Show IPA noun, verb, -uged, -ug⋅ing.
1. shelter or protection from danger, trouble, etc.: to take refuge from a storm.

Kyle and I are going to the temple tonight. Its a blessing that brings more blessings and I am thankful beyond words for the gospel in my life.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am kind of participating in the Recession

But we are fighting it!!
We are going to what will be a Rock Concert for me - Saturday we are going to see Dave Ramsey LIVE
I can't wait

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things I love on road trips

The sunscreen song
Who's on First
Stand up comedy
hypothetical questions from my crazy head -
like would you rather climb up 100 feet in the air on a ladder or down 100 feet into a cave
If you had to do one -would you eat moldy bread or lick a toilet

who ever said I was mature??

Who's on first?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ella dressed me up



dress up

Hey you guys!

I'm back! Home that is, and maybe to blogging, although I have a to-do list a mile long. Probably the precise reason I am blogging.

It was very surreal to be back at Aunt Beth's house without Aunt Beth there. We worked very, very quickly so we could get back - so there wasn't much time for reminscing, but I did anyway. Is it wrong to mix feelings with places and belongings? I would venture to say it is because Aunt Beth mixed emotions with things and hence and kept everything, I didn't stutter, EVERYTHING! Anyway back to my emotions...

The house she lived in was a house Kyle and I looked at renting as newlyweds. I fell in love with it, but it was out of our price range at the time. I couldn't let it go though so I made Aunt Beth go look at it. She agreed with its perks and the little doggie that the departing tenant were going to take to the pound. So she moved in to my dream house at the time and adopted a little dog named Buster.

Being there knowing it would be my last time there brought back all those memories: Wanting to make that place a home for Kyle, helping Aunt Beth move in, Dinner after Benjamin's blessing at church. Pictures with my kids when there were five generations alive to photograph. Late night board games with cheese and crackers and accusations of cheating. Many birthdays and Christmas celebrations. Being with Maw-maw as she passed away. Gathering there to plan my brother's funeral. Tears shed in every room. Being there again as Me-Maw (my great-grandmother who I am named after) left this world.  

There was also the time that my sister lived in the duplex upstairs. It cracked me up at the time to watch the kids love to sneak upstairs. It reminded me of my childhood. My "Auntie" aka the cool one of my dad's four sisters,  lived downstairs at my granparents house on the lake. It was buisness upstairs and fun down. For a litte while it was the opposite for my kids. Business downstairs, fun up.

I miss Aunt Beth a lot, but I was surprised that it was so hard to say goodbye to that house.

Now that I covered the emotions of the trip, I have to say the logistics went better than could be expected. THANKS to everyone who helped me with the kids!
And a big THANKS to Cora. I was thinking of all that has been asked of her since being born:
back again in March,
Countless miles, three airplanes, several hotels, naps in carseats, nights in different playpens, nursing anywhere and everywhere - she has rolled with it all, slept well, smiled tons. Man I love that baby!
Can I just say how it kind of hurts my feelings that after being exclusively nursed, she enjoys the heck out of a bottle. That's why I only put water in it.
So this picture probably seems really dumb to you, but check this out - Its a forest fire in the mountains of tennessee. We turned a corner and couldn't figure out if there was some UFO ahead or something, but as we got closer we realized it was the mountain on fire. It was about 1 in the morning and right after we were sure it was a fire we realized we were the only ones on the road in either direction. When we entered the smoke we began to get worried that we missed the message that the road was closed because of the fires. So we did what any insane person would do, went faster to get the heck out of dodge.
Doesn't do it justice - I love Texas but Virginia is BEAUTIFUL
How we roll in the UHaul...
oh in the battle of... Cora and the Carrier vs. Me - I am losing.
My babies are always in regular carseats by now, but I knew the Va trip was coming up so I decided to keep her in the infant carrier until after. It was much easier to deal with in the UHaul than a regular carseat would have been. But I'm done, carrying her in that thing is like lifting a bag of bricks.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shall I say goodbye or see ya later gator?

that's contemplative, not angry 

On my favorite nights of the year ( if you are wondering, those are the nights that I can have the windows in our bedroom completely open) I love to lay there and feel the breeze. I also listen to the neighbor's wind chimes. The thing is I am not sure if the sound is soothing or annoying.

I am beginning to wonder the same thing about blogging.

You see I have been blogging since 2005, shortly after the fabulous Ryann started. Back then I had to frequently explain what a blog even was to people.

Now many are blogging and its so awesome, unless you are me and prone to addictive behavior.
It can be a time drain.

Its not you, really its me. 

See it goes down like this:
"I should blog" and or check other blogs, then I should check email. Might as well read the headlines on Fox News, better check bank account balances while I'm here, wow been here a while might as well go check blogs again. Its a vicious cycle. 

So I am going to break the habit for a while. I need a hiatus. 

I have big changes ahead anyway, Going to Richmond next week to clean out and box up Aunt Beth's house. I am bringing back two furry family members who will need some extra attention getting used to the new digs.


I also have had this on my mind (sorry if you can't read it)
lds home

lds home 2

This was something someone handed out during a RS lesson a while back, I thought it contained a lot of great things all together in one handout. I laminated it and its been on my nightstand since. I look at it from time to time and long for the ability to accomplish many of  the things on it.

If you are taking this post as "holier than thou" then please kick me in the head. 

Its just what I feel tonight

And I thought I'd share it with you tonight because I am not turning on the computer tomorrow.

But I am sure (in terminator voice here) I'll be back.  I just need a little break.

One more thing before I go, to attest that I do, do, do love blogging:

I love my old blogs, I go back to them sometimes and they only bring smiles, wanna know which one is my favorite?? No real reason why, it just comes to mind sometimes, Probably because I'm already painfully aware that my babies won't always be babies. Curious?

Some other stuff I've been meaning to blog...

We took some other pictures that day at the park. The one I previously posted was taken by a passerby. I begged some nice lady to take our picture, set up the camera and handed it over to her. She was a little intimidated but obliged. But here a few I got to take myself:




And on Friday we celebrated our anniversary with a backyard dinner party at our house. It was so much fun, I laughed until my side hurt and I am glad we had the chance to do it. Thanks to everyone that came!! We had a blast!
And I am only slightly embarrassed that we only beat this couple in the Newlywed Game!



The video I posted yesterday is ancient, but its just been on my mind with all the stimulus crap going on. Not that I don't want the economy to pick up, I just don't think the government is the one who should do it.  So lay off the further stimulus bills talk!!  Anyway on to other annoyances:

You already know my frustrations with germaphobes, especially those of the mom variety.  What is it with the moms who freak out about indoor playlands
#1 - If you are going to stand there with your lip curled like you are releasing your kids into a petri dish - then go home!
#2 - When you harass your kid to keep their socks on, its so annoying. Do you know how hard it is to climb up the slide with socks on? And climbing up the slides is arguably the most fun thing to do an indoor playland (just ask any kid). And what is the point?? Protect their feet from germs?, scrapes?? Their bare hands are all over the equipment as it is -- who cares about the feet?
#3 - My biggest pet peeve is the parents who whisper to the kids "just leave your shoes on" Nice one mom, your precious kids pinkies will be protected from whatever while they crush my kid's fingers with their shoes.
And I firmly stand by my "germs aren't all that bad" theory. My kids are way less sick than all the freak out about germs crowd.

Happy Birthday...

We hope you have a great day Nana!
Dancing with nana

Monday, March 09, 2009

The record of history is absolutely crystal clear

I feel lately I am yelling at a fooball team losing in the last grueling minutes of a big game when I read the headlines and watch the news. Congress and Obama are in a big huddle trying to win this one and bad plays are being called.
I don't understand it all but I just want a big shout out for CAPITALISM!!!!

Spinning Braids

There is much to blog about (our week with Nana, our wonderful anniversary party, the lovely weather, etc.), but alas my brain is tired so I will share with you the joy of spinning braids. I am never allowed to put just one braid in her hair. 
"TWO braids mommy, TWO ok?!?"
"Yes Maiya two braids it is" - oh how I love my Maiya:
spinning braids 1

spinning braids 2

spinning braids 4

spinning braids 3

spinning braids 5

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hodge Podge

Lunches at school, visiting Prather Park, playing with Nana's coolpix camera, and dealing with pink eye - that's a few of the things we've been up to and here a few pictures:

coolpix macro

frolicking pixies

puffy cheeks

look here nana

dancing maiya

riding with cora

nana and girls

pink eye