Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!

Christmas pictures are up at Flickr!!!
Christmas was good and wonderfully hectic - Everybody has left to go home, boo-hoo - I think Grandma and Aunt Beth will be glad to be home, they did a lot for me while they were here. Friday night as if morning sickness wasn't enough fun I got a killer migraine which aggravated everything - I threw up non stop during the night and despite pills and medicine in other unpleasant avenues I ended up on IV fluids in the hospital on Saturday. Of all the hospital visits for morning sickness, well I should correct myself - I have the official diagnosis of Hyperemesis Gravidarium - this was a nice hospital, and very nice nurses until two of them asked if this was my first baby and I said no my fourth - and they literally looked at me like I was a retarded alien like some combination of sympathy and revulsion. One even said "you know this gets worse every time" - "yes I know but the babies just get cuter and cuter!!" Today we saw the doctor and she didn't really know what to say - I only lost two more pounds, which she was very happy about - I just rolled my eyes. So she kind of just scratched her head about the pump - I said if it will get rid of the nausea I want it. but since there is no guarantee I'll just go back to my couch at home. Then she said in a gratingly nice way - I don't think anything will take your nausea away. Insert my fair lady voice here: loverly. OK this has been enough typing, the couch is calling. The best news today was we got to see our little gummy bear... introducing the first glimpse at Baby O

Monday, December 24, 2007

When hermit crabs attack...

Benjamin and Ella got hermit crabs the other day. Benjamin named his Firecracker due to his black shell with starburst pattern painted on it. Ella named hers Princess Sparkles since she has a pink shell with sparkles all over it. Well, the 'Princess' part seems to be a misnomer...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Same 'ol stuff, different pregnancy...

Keeping cool Pretty pitiful huh? I am sooo sick. Can't even brush my hair it makes me nauseous, in fact everything makes me nauseous. Went to the doctor today and she is very concerned about my weight loss - I actually don't mind that part at all! She is trying another medicine and wants to see me in two weeks, if I have lost any more weight I will get a pump for continuous anti-nausea medicine. Everything is a blur right now. The kids are getting very excited about Christmas. I am bummed to be sick at Christmas time but glad my family is here, they doing everything for me - and as you can see from the picture that makes them very tired...

Are we pathetic or what...
Merry Christmas from the family!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

So guys I am pretty sick - but my mommy and Aunt Beth are here. Apologies in advance that things won't be the same this year - that is if I usually send you a package, it will most definitely be late, and there won't be an Oyakawa Christmas card - I am not up to much but moaning on the sofa and trying to keep food down. Kyle is a good man and picking up much more than his slack - I love my hubby!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Boo - hoo

ROUND 10 — Hatton stays aggressive, chases Mayweather, who doesn't even look winded. Out of nowhere, Mayweather floors Hatton one minute into the right with a big left hook. Hatton gets up easily, but Mayweather staggers Hatton with a left, then sends him stumbling and sprawling flat on his back in a neutral corner. Cortez ends the fight over a prone Hatton, and Mayweather leaps on the ropes.
Mayweather wins, KO 10.
I am sad.
I am also sad because Morning sickness has raised its very ugly head. I have a really good doctor who has already put me on Zofran, which calmed the relentless puking that started friday - but I am still nauseos 100% of the time. sigh..........but My mom and Aunt Beth will be here this week, so I am very excited!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Little known fact about Janie...

I like boxing!!! - It started with that cheezy show Contender. I see the sheer absurdity of it, and as an OT I can only imagine the damage that is being done to the boxers brains and bodies. But its morbidly entertaining and a little easier to understand than football - its just "get in there and beat that guy up"
So right now I am trying to convince Kyle into paying the 55 bucks so I can see the Mayweather VS. Hatton fight - but alas its too close to christmas and not worth spending money on I know... But for the record my money is on Hatton!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Cooking and Morning Sickness

So far I am actually doing pretty well - Maiya and I left the house today and I spent some time with Sarah and she helped school me on the new blogger. Isn't she awesome? But I have slowly left the kitchen, First no doing dishes, now no cooking, and soon I think even the microwave will gross me out. So long story short, Kyle is out of town and the kids haven't had a vegetable in two days, yet there isn't quite enough guilt there to get me to cook tonight....

Monday, December 03, 2007

Our trip

It was a good weekend, I started to feel icky but with lots of trips for random morning sickness remedies from my loving man, we had a great time!
The Beach boys!! I really enjoyed them, I knew more of the songs than Kyle did and there were so many people there was hardly room to dance but it was still GREAT.

Kyle and his beautiful bosses - what a lucky guy huh? should I be worried?

The next morning (and yes the clock does say 10:45) - thanks again Meg for watching the kids and sorry Maiya broke your phone!
Kyle: "Janie wake up we have to check out!"
Before going to the airport Kyle drove me over to see the headquarter offices of his company. For all six years he has worked there he has always been at satellite offices. Man is that place huge - its like a small campus. Anyway there was the cutest flock of Canadian geese taking a break.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

What a day

Well the decorating is done, the concerts tonight were beautiful. Sarah and Meredith saved me twice today - its so nice to have great friends. I suppose this is another high/low post. The Nativity was the high - but there is a big low. We found out this morning that Aunt Beth is facing a huge medical hurdle, more details later when we know more, but please add her in your prayers.
I also need to say Happy Birthday Ella! now because Kyle and I fly out in the morning for Dayton for the weekend. We are going to the corporate Christmas party which includes a private concert by the Beach Boys!!! I have been too busy to even take it all in, but I am getting very excited!!! So I need to stop blogging and pack.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Its getting there...

About 470 Nativities!!!
If anyone is bored, come help us there is tons left to do!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I feel so important...

I was quoted in the newspaper today!!! Now its back to the building to decorate!!!
Frisco Nativity Exhibit article
its looking so good, but boy am I tired!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


So every Sunday the kids do this thing called High/low in Primary. You say your highest moment of the last week and your lowest moment. If you have no low moment they all say "hooray" for you. So here goes my High/Low:
Low: Kyle can't do it for me...

Here to wishing #4 comes without morning sickness...

Good food, pretty tree

Is there enough room for everyone?
We enjoyed a wonderful thanksgiving with tons of friends who are also Texas transplants sans extended family close by.
Everyone else digs in, except Maiya, our only kid who is not a good eater!
Looks like a chipmunk!
Afternoon nap? Ella has a way with back rubs!
Decorating the tree - I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!
Ignore the bare rods - maybe one day I'll pick curtains - christmas gift maybe? - wink, wink!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving !!!
We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.
-Thornton Wilder

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Occupational Therapy Song

Every once in a while I check on what exactly I need to do to get back into my career, and instead of getting my ducks in a row I find junk like this. Fast forward through him jabbin and listen. I am probably the only one who thinks its funny.

Ella's Party

Hot Dogs on the grill and hot dogs on the cupcakes
Check out my face painting skills
Someone is excited
Who reads cards? - Do kids ever get better about that
Leave it to Benjamin to point out the specs on the baby stuff
The wind wanted to blow out her candle
Someone stole the bilibo

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Question - I don't use very much punctuation when I blog, or ever for that matter - just ask my mom aka proofreader how much I love run-on sentences. I depend on spaces and dashes, but blogger keeps getting rid of my spaces and empty lines and scrunching everything together. Its really annoying how do I stop it?

I jumped

So I updated my template. Nothing really new yet, except by doing that I lost recent changes to my friends list and such so I will have to change that later. I really wanted the polling feature. So check it out and vote! I am on the fence about the music thing, so here is the way I look at it:

Pro's -

Music is cool
I listen to the best music - so ya'll all got hear it
You get introduced to music you wouldn't normally hear (I am hooked to the Ben Folds song on Andrea's blog)


Its distracting when all you want to do is read (and yes I know you can mute it, but that is distracting to do)
Some people listen at work, so they shouldn't have to mess with the noise
It weird to constantly hear the first 20 seconds of a song when all you are doing is checking to read a quick post.
So I shall leave it to the masses to decide...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Special Friends Day!

We kept the kids up too late playing games with Sarah and Dylan - too fun for us, a little exhausting for the kids.
She needs her sleep, her birthday party is tomorrow. I think Ella is destined to always celebrate her birthday two weeks early. Her birthday falls during the Nativity so that's out and next weekend is too close to Thanksgiving, everyone will be busy - So tomorrow it is.

Definition of Responsibility?

So a few weeks ago I had a long talk with Benjamin covering the following:
You need to be more responsible, you are getting really good about getting up and feeding Zeke and doing your homework - but that is not everything. There are 3 big things you need to work on -
1. STOP PICKING your nose, its GROSS - if you have to, go in the bathroom.
2. You need to brush your teeth every morning and every night without being bugged.
3. Pick up your room and turn off the lights before you go downstairs in the morning.

Fast forward to last night - We are driving down the street when the talk of Christmas lists comes up, and Benjamin brings up a frequent request "I want a pocket knife please" - No Bud you are not responsible enough for that (yes I kind of felt like A Christmas Story - You'll shot your eye out because I was thinking "you'll cut your finger off" - A whiny wail ensues "But mom I have been picking my nose in the bathroom for two weeks and you haven't even noticed!!!!!!!!!!! I AM RESPONSIBLE"

At dinner the conversation continued. Ok Benjamin what else do you want besides a pocket knife or video games. "Well I have really been thinking I would like a car" - The funniest part is how absolutely drop dead serious he is, quieting our laughter Kyle says "You know you can't drive until you are 16" - "Well I guess you guys could borrow it until then."
"No Benjamin you are not getting a car for Christmas" - long sigh "Ok I guess a motorcycle then"

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Can I just say WOW - it was worth every penny!!!
Go Ella!! (sorry I forgot the camera at Benjamin's Award party) -
I am doing the happy dance that the season is over - this was a hectic soccer season!!

"What a good big brother" - direct quote from Benjamin, he saw these two pictures and said Mom you should put that on the blog and say this...

Someone wouldn't sleep the other night... All she wanted to do was dance