Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good food, pretty tree

Is there enough room for everyone?
We enjoyed a wonderful thanksgiving with tons of friends who are also Texas transplants sans extended family close by.
Everyone else digs in, except Maiya, our only kid who is not a good eater!
Looks like a chipmunk!
Afternoon nap? Ella has a way with back rubs!
Decorating the tree - I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!
Ignore the bare rods - maybe one day I'll pick curtains - christmas gift maybe? - wink, wink!


Ryann said...

Such a gorgeous tree! So coordinated!

Kleanteeth said...

The tree does look great. I could never get the ribbon thing looking right so i gave up and just hang ornaments. You're supposed put curtains on rods? Who knew, mine just hang by themselves too, thought that's how it's supposed to be.