Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A peek in Benjamin's mind

Benjamin created his own imbee site a while back but wrote his own first blog this weekend:
The "you no" means "you know" - now he wants to learn how to type so if anyone knows any good learn-to-type games for his age let me know.

He is learning about Martin Luther King Jr. at school and this is what he told me:
"Martha King Jr. created freedom. He made white kids and brown kids go to school together. And then he was shot"


Janie said...

Ok so after I blogged that I tried to get there and I guess you have to be member - its for kids so they must not let them be public. So if grandma and nana want to create a profile on there - "friend" him - he will be thrilled.

My name is Andrea said...

You are raising a little blogger, huh? I love kids' point of view on history...It is a good thing that they don't understand the predjudice!!

nanao said...

How do I do that? Let me know and I will -- sounds like fun for him and me too!!