Saturday, November 03, 2007

It was just a fresh perspective

You will never understand till you walk a mile in a fat girl's shoes, and yes this fat girl does walk a mile every morning. I wanted to post something refreshing for myself and my chubby gal pals who hear the common rhetoric of "its your choice, your diet, your fault for being fat" that is regurgitated daily on the Today show, any woman's magazine, the internet, everywhere... Sometimes you just need something to make you feel good about yourself. I don't know it all but I do know somethings:

1. Some people are predisposed to be fat -- This is not agency on equal terms - Studies have focused on this, check it out: NY Times article. I know good friends who are rail thin and couldn't gain weight if they tried - I have even seen them try. One friend a size 0 - yes you read that right a size ZERO ate me under the table. I am not exaggerating - she ate more than I did and finished the night with a tub of cake icing. And commented that she regularly did that growing up. My mom would have broken my fingers if I sat down to eat cake icing. Yet this girl grumbled about how her hips stuck out funny. But I was the one to be judged as lazy, fat and downright immoral for being overweight.

2. I try! I exercise - Yes I could do more, but I try. I try to eat well - but its usually budget, not desire, that gets in the way. Fresh fruits and veggies all the time is very expensive. So I could eat less, eat better, exercise more, but I am who I am and I am not going to beat myself up - Everyone does that enough. I was sure beat up enough in the comments alone recently. This was the first time I have been cussed at in one of the comments.

3. Hatred against fat people is the last acceptable form of prejudice and discrimination. How many times is the fat person in a movie the mean, evil and/or dumb character. It's shoved down our throats that all fat people are bad. Check out Big Fat Deal - It examines the constant barrage of sinister messages about fat in the media.

4. Its not as simple as you would like to think, especially my friends who are blessed to be of average size - Big Fat Facts : "Fat, active people have half the mortality rate of thin sedentary people"

5. There needs to be a level of understanding that may be above most people's comprehension level. Fat acceptance is not promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. It promotes friendship and understanding and a better quality of life for people who are not going to be easily accepted by the world or apparently by blogger.

So to make a short story longer... I deleted comments against my personality for the sake of my own self esteem but more for my lovely fat friends. WE ALREADY KNOW ALL THAT CRAP that's out there. I was just putting a "let's hear it for us for a change!" I don't need the comments that say, " Yeah but you're still bad people and here's why... There won't be anymore comments on the blog about it - I will delete all good and bad because I don't' like looking very 1984 by deleting the bad and leaving the good.
But I am adding Naafa to my links!


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Janie said...

Thanks so much - love you too, but I said I'd delete all so I did - but it meant a lot to me and I saved it!!!

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