Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rainy day at the lake...

But still lots of fun:

Happy Birthday Meg!

Dancin' girl

Was hoping we'd use the umbrella to shade us from the sun not keep the burgers out of the rain

Smell my feet!

The rain did stop for a while and we got to swim!

But then it started again - someone got chilly and only had his sister's tee shirt to put on - teasing ensued!
Despite the clouds we all got home with pink cheeks (and shoulders) - just because there is no sun does not mean you don't need sunscreen. (We had put some on - but not enough)

So I got this really awesome knife...

A santoku on sale - very nice and very sharp just ask Meg...
It may not look bad in the picture, but there was a lot of blood and it goes pretty deep - it was bad enough for me to completely freak out and call 911 - Kyle quickly calmed down the situation and I could let the 911 operator get back to more important calls. Meg is not allowed to use the knife anymore :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hodge Podge

Well I feel like I haven't blogged in a while because there has been a lot going on but not anything particularly blog worthy. School is wrapping up this week for Benjamin, and I have been doing the mommy part - you know field day, end of the year party etc. He made it to the required reading level for second grade and we have our homework for the summer. Grandma already tells us she has a car full of books for him for when her and Aunt Beth come in June.
I feel like he is getting so grown up right under my nose - second grade seems old to me. The girls still have their little girl qualities going strong, but Benjamin is officially a big kid. In Walmart last week he ran into a girl from his class and ran to us and coached us to not embarrass him and told Ella she needed to say hi to his friend when he told her to. A mini crush in action, it was so cute.
Kyle has some news - He was elected to our homeowners association Board of Directors. He enjoys politics, so now he can be involved in some firsthand. I think it will be great for him - and he will be great for the Board - there are some old schoolers on it who need a new face and new perspective. Me personally, I want him to get a pool for the neighborhood - but I don't think he'll have that much influence yet:)
I hosted my first ever book club last night - I was nervous - because it was with church friends and my book selection dropped a few too many naughty words -I was fearful of being publicly reprimanded - but it went GREAT - everyone liked the book, thought my questions were good and a lively discussion ensued. The book was My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult if you're interested.
We worked our tails off last weekend staining our wood fence in the back yard - it looks wonderful if only I had had the insight to do before shots I'd share.
We are heading to Lake Ray Roberts this Saturday for some swimming, barbecue and to celebrate Meg's Birthday - of course there might be rain - but we're going no matter what! -
If any of you are in the neighborhood or Texas for that matter come join us !!! LOL

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!!

Cupcakes at school + getting to go home early = perfect :)

Make a wish

Yu-Gi-Oh brought big smiles
Crazy frog greatest hits!
Captain Jack Sparrow

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Snail Collector

Ella: "Wow I have been collecting snails - guess how many I have"

Aunt Meg: "I bet you have 500 million"

Ella: "No maybe a little bit less" -

Thursday, May 03, 2007

So Sad

So one of these crazy Texas storms killed our tree (and a section of our fence). I am so bummed - I don't have that green thumb thing going on - I hate being responsible for making things live other than children and pets :) The idea of fostering a new tree to that spot - which we will have to do, HOA requires two trees per front yard, makes me nauseous. Its difficult enough for me to keep a houseplant alive, but a new tree? Right there for the world to see in the front yard in a drought prone area with water restrictions? I see failure written all over this project to be! Oh well I don't have to worry about it till fall right - that's when you plant new trees - i think??