Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My life in technology

sooooo... we got iphones of the 4S variety.

they are awesome.

then our home computer died promptly on us - that would be a big ol dose of budget karma.

But Kyle is using his mad computer skills on it to devise a resurrection and we added carbonite off site backup a while back so I know my roughly one BILLION pictures are safe.

While playing with my iphone I kept daydreaming about going back in time and handing it to the me at like say age 14 - How freaking cool would that have been?

I laugh telling my kids about tech of ages past:

My Me-Maw was the first person I remember having a VCR - to record her "Stories" aka soaps. It had a remote super fancy, but it was not wireless, it had a 20 foot cord that you had to roll back up when you were done using the remote.

I remember my dad getting us a new nice 3000 lb TV once and when he worked it out of the box the remote fell out, he couldn't remember what its name was so he said "hey hand me that TV box thing"
TO. THIS. DAY.  Me, my sister and mother still call it the "TV box" and now Kyle does sometimes too and maybe even my kids.

I remember when we got an Apple IIe,  We were the envy of the neighborhood. Except for the family that had a TV in their parents bedroom and the kitchen - because who in the world needed 3 TV's??
With our Apple IIe, people came over to play "troll" (see pic above) and make banners - remember those banners - the printer paper with the little holes on the side that you had to rip ever so carefully or you'd rip your banner apart?

A short time later our Apple was obsolete and that pissed my dad off so much he swore off computers for the rest of his life.

That is until the internet came along. Then on Christmas break we borrowed a computer from my mom's school and set it up and visited some "chat rooms"

It only took about 10 minutes for every single thing to load. If you were lucky.

In college email was still relatively new. I remember if you asked someone "do you have an email address" there was a chance they didn't.  There were 2 computers for use by our entire hall and few people had their own.

I printed off emails that I found particularly special or funny.

My last year at Longwood the talk was that in the next two years they would require every student to have their own personal computer. We considered this cruel and unattainable for the masses.

And now computers are on our phones... and I've been waaaaaay behind the times in getting one.

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AmberLou said...

I still have emails that I printed! HA!