Friday, April 10, 2009

I am almost, maybe, kind of, a little bit sure

that I am going back to work. The emotions are strong in so many ways, but most of all I am grateful that I have an excellent degree.

I just need to fork over the money for my continuing ed credits to get re-licensced.  

I am going to give myself the weekend to think about my attack plan.

Like full-time, part-time, PRN close to home, drive to dallas, child-care.

If you know me well I don't do anything without pounds and pounds of research. -- shoot by time I interview I'll probably have more questions for them than they do for me.

Despite the economy - healthcare remains stable, you see funny thing is people always get sick and hurt no matter what is going on.

A few places are even offering sign on bonuses for Occupational Therapists.

BUT for the rest of the day I am not going to think about it - there are bluebonnets calling me...


Amanda said...

oh Janie--What a hard, hard decision--I am sorry you have to make it at all:(

Erin said...

Although it may not be the ideal situation, it does seem like there is always a shortage of OTs out there so that'll be good for you. I'll check and see if the place I take Grayson is hiring.

nanao said...

I hate that you have to think about going back to work -- but I understand. I just wish I was there to be your "babysitter"!! I wouldn't even charge you for the pleasure!!

Any news about Kyle's job situation?

The A Team said...

good luck with your thinking and planning process. let me know what i can do. i may be able to take the girls a couple times a week.