Friday, April 03, 2009

Janette YOU ROCK

picture a happy baby

Just imagine she is a happy baby

That place is beautiful Janette and and the bluebonnets are perfect!

It is next to a cemetary and I have decided I want to be buried there.


Lisa said...

Cool~! Where is it?? Are we still on for tomorrow?

Amanda said...

PERFECT! I even like the picture with Cora crying in it...not b/c I like to see babies cry--but it is so perfect and I love to see real emotion in pic's and not always i weird? U have to tell us where it is??? Is it close?

Nikki said...

Yes--Do tell!! Where is that!? You're baby is soooo cute...even when she is crying :)

Janie said...

I am reposting Janette's comment from the other day:

In Mid April, take 380 to 423, and turn left. About a mile down the road, on your left, is a cemetary set on a steep hill. The hill is coated in them. And, because it is a hill, it makes it so that the whole background is nothing but bluebonnets. We took our pictures there 2 years ago. Prettiest pictures. I swear.

Brooke said...

i have been looking for a good spot too! We have them across the field from us but just sporadic little bunches...

Janette said...

I know, I rock. :D

We never would have found that place if Gary hadn't worked in the subdivisions right by it. It's gorgeous!

Y'all, don't trample the bluebonnets before I can get there!!

And I want to see more pictures!