Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what's going on...

kids in bluebonnets
here is what is up - I am super busy, but I feel like Grandma and Nana had a bunch of questions when we called to say happy easter, which really meant "why have you not blogged?"
  • Kyle got the new job after all. The FBI raid made for a draining week we didn't think he would get the job and were even wondering how much damage it would do to the company, but they got their stuff back and hired Kyle. Much better pay, more expensive insurance - we just can't win :( 
  • so I am still considering going back to work - maybe fulltime over the summer and Meg can watch the kids 
  • Cora is crawling, pulling up, and is completely on table foods (still do the rice cereal and applesauce too) She is on a eating schedule with us and two naps a day - wow she has become such an "older" baby all of sudden to me - She is still breastfeeding good though - with the other ones breastfeeding became a hassle when they were completely mobile and all of them self weaned despite my best efforts by 10 months - I am really, really hoping I make it to a year + with her. I won't really let her have sippy cups or bottles too much at all. Once something quick like that is common, waiting for my milk to let down is so not fun.
  • No teeth yet which is really, really late compared to the other kiddos - 
  • Ella went and got bangs back. I know, I know - it was a pain in the butt to grow them out, but I just didn't like it. Her hair grows forward and it always seemed like there was hair in her face and she just looks to old without bangs.
  • I brought back an antique dagger from my Aunt's house and I told Benjamin it was his and we would hang it on his wall. But before that after much begging I let him walk around with it for a little bit.
    Then without me knowing he went to show his friend across the street. NICE - "Hi its me Benjamin - want to see my knife" - bet that kid won't come play at our house much now
  • Maiya needs to learn to wear one outfit a day - like NOW second to swinging on the swing upstairs her #1 activity is changing outfits.
  • That is about it right now, other than the regular upload screen for downloading my picture into the computer is gone, just gone and it is making uploading pictures a REAL BIG PAIN IN THE BUTT. Which is unfortunate because I have a lot of pictures to upload and work on for people. 


Ryann said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous picture! And CONGRATULATIONS on the job!!!

ChellaJ [Rachelle] said...

Darling picture! If you do go back to work, I hope you find something great! I love the dagger story - it might scare me too.

Lisa said...


Bethanne said...

I love the picture, but of course, I'm not surprised!

If you need to go back to work and/or are feeling that you should, then you need to follow the prompting. You have to think of your family being taken care of...and I totally understand the expensive health insurance bit. Yikes.