Friday, April 03, 2009

Please, Please come

A man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth - Luke 12:15

Prosper ward is restarting PENNY PINCHERS, I am working very hard to prepare the first get together. But the success of the group will depend on its members. It will be similar to book club, except we get together and sustain each other in the effort to improve our finances. I found this in a talk by Victoria Romney:

Have you thought of your family as a corporation?:

1. Where are we now?

2. Where are we going as we are?

3. Where do we want to go?

4. What may get us there?

5. When can we expect to arrive?

6. Who is responsible for the work?

7. What resources will it take?

8. Can we do it?

To be of any value, these questions, especially the first two, require bluntly honest answers.

so come with ideas and we will plan the topics of further meetings -- we all need encouragement from each other in these difficult times.

Want more? read this article about surviving unemployment

See you there:

April 7th, 7:30pm AT THE BISHOP's HOUSE email me if you need directions

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