Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This is not an April fools joke I promise...

Benjamin and report card
I am soooo proud of Benjamin and Ella! They both had GREAT report cards

Ella and report card

so we had a fancy pants dinner to celebrate that!

fancy pants dinner

Then I was invited to the awards assembly to watch Benjamin receive an Enthusiastic Learner award.

getting a hug

Ben getting award'

while there he also got recognized for the honor roll

Ben and awards

then when I got home I was devastated to get this picture in my email : 

ella getting award
 (yes that is Ella wearing a Doors T-shirt -cuz she's cool like that)

Ella had also received an Enthusiastic learner award in her grade's assembly but I had not been told about it. (well actually I got a generic email from the principal saying that each grade was having an assembly and that my kid was getting an award - I thought it was another reminder about Benjamin - but it must have been about Ella.) So I wasn't there and I felt terrible about it, so after lunch I went up to the school and checked Ella out early saying she had an appointment.

She did have an appointment after all. One with me to go get slurpees. I mean was there anything more fun when you were in school to get the call over the loud speaker to "come up to the office prepared to go home"

AND THEN, because my heart is already about to explode...
BENJAMIN got his TAKS results back for reading (for those of you not in Texas, its like SOL's in Virginia, and you have to pass to go to the next grade level.) 
He got a Commended Performance - meaning he scored significantly above the passable level!!


My name is Andrea said...

Yay!!!! How fabulous they are! I love when kids work hard and it pays off for them. And I love Ms. Garich.

Amber Hooten said...

Congratulations! That's one proud mommy right there!

Abby said...

I'm proud of you for raising such smart kids. Good job Benjamin and Ella!

My mom never pulled me out of school for anything fun. I feel very deprived right now.

Ryann said...

How awesome for you! Way to go Benjamin and Ella!!!! And kudos to you for the slurpee run-nice job!

And why is your last post entitled Murphy? I saw it and was conceited enough to think it was about me (with a telephone) before I read it through. Just call me a big fat dork!

Janie said...

sorry Ryann, I was referring to murphy's law - I need to devote a entire post to you, you totally deserve it!

And Abby, your mom or dad never just took you out early for fun. I do feel sorry for you... I'll come pick you up out of the blue one day for ice cream ok?

Lisa said...

your kids are great and you are a great mom!

LaFish said...

That is awesome - what great kids! And what a fun mom to take Ella out of school for a treat. I'm know she'll remember that for a long time.

Sarah said...

claire still cannot stop talking about the fancy pants dinner-- now she wants to have one at our house every night-- those oyakawas are just sooooo coool :D

nanao said...

I am soooo very proud of my oldest "babies"!!! I wish I was there to hug and kiss them to death, I am so proud. I love you guys -- you are awesome parents to have such great kids!

P.S. Describe this dinner a bit more for me! Looks like fun!

Bethanne said...

That's awesome...and now I really want that drink that you served for dinner. Yum.