Thursday, April 02, 2009

I am on the hunt for Bluebonnets

what true Texan photographer does not want to take pictures in a field of bluebonnets? So this morning I hit the road shortly after the bus pulled away to find some -- I found these

oh the stress, do I make do? keep searching? wait a little longer to let them mature? what if they get stomped to death, mowed over?, freeze and die?

Aren't they just waiting for some cute kids plopped down in them and and some awesome family portraits?

but what do I do with the ones with the crappy background, avoid it painfully the entire photo shoot - call on the photshop gods afterwards?

I call on my blog friends that's what I do - what you you think of said bluebonnets? do you know of any better ones? I need details and opinions  

PS - these were "drive-bys" is there a secret field somewhere I can reach by foot, by hiking, by sneaking on to private property...


Janette said...

In Mid April, take 380 to 423, and turn left. About a mile down the road, on your left, is a cemetary set on a steep hill. The hill is coated in them. And, because it is a hill, it makes it so that the whole background is nothing but bluebonnets. We took our pictures there 2 years ago. Prettiest pictures. I swear.

Benteti5 said...

When I first read the title I thought you were looking for margarine. Who knew they were actually flowers?