Thursday, November 15, 2007


Can I just say WOW - it was worth every penny!!!
Go Ella!! (sorry I forgot the camera at Benjamin's Award party) -
I am doing the happy dance that the season is over - this was a hectic soccer season!!

"What a good big brother" - direct quote from Benjamin, he saw these two pictures and said Mom you should put that on the blog and say this...

Someone wouldn't sleep the other night... All she wanted to do was dance


My name is Andrea said...

Your carpet looks great!! nd what a fun mom you are to let her dance!

Ryann said...

Your carpet looks clean! Now, I want to come over and see it in person! We can have a dance party!

Benteti5 said...

Your kids are lucky to get to know their Aunt so well. We live so far from family that my kids hardly recognize their Aunts and Uncles.
I wish my son would ask Santa for a car that I could borrow until he was 16, that would be sweet.