Monday, July 23, 2012

The BEST frugal resource EVER!!!

My all time, absolute, favorite book is on sale at Amazon with FREE shipping.

are you new to the frugal world? an old hat? either way this book has something for you. Its a compilation of newsletters that ran in the nineties - and even though some information is dated - the bulk is completely transforming. It will make you question your lifestyle and stretch your brain on ways to cut back. Your debt will shrink and your savings will grow. Mine has...

at least peruse the reviews, you'll want this book, trust me

go get it, now!!

The COMPLETE Tightwad Gazette - $15.61 (free shipping if you order $25)

May I suggest my second favorite book to qualify for free shipping?

$12.18 with free shipping

27.79 + tax - an excellent investment - If I had these books 10 years ago I KNOW our overall net worth would be double what it is now.

ps. ANYTHING IN LIGHT GREY ON THIS BLOG IS A LINK - click away my friend...

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