Saturday, May 09, 2009

This is either brilliant or stupid

I didn't have the money to do a full garden. But dang it if a really cool person didn't inspire me despite my best wishes. So here is my topsy turvy garden experiment:
crookneck squash
and basil in a pot being eaten by something.

** You see that's the thing about gardening to me - I think "wow a few bucks and I can have all the tomatoes, basil, etc I want" but what ends up happening is I feed the local bugs.

Here is the reason I need to grow my own groceries:


Abby said...

Awesome idea, Janie! Let us know how it turns out.

And how old is Cora now? I can't believe what a good finger food eater she is. I've forgotten what that's even like....

Janette said...

Your ghetto topsy turvy is awesome ... I just might need to copy you!

That video of Cora eating ... melt my heart!!! I love watching a baby eat and eat and eat and eat.

Benteti5 said...

My sister bought the real tomatoe doopdie or whatever it's called and I think your idea is just as good. I don't get it, though. What's the upside bit supposed to do for the tomato? Maybe I need to watch the infomercial.

Janie said...

for me the benefit of upside down is I don't have to dig up some of my yard to garden or buy expensive pots and for tomatoes you need to stake them and tie up the stems as needed for the weight of the tomatoes themselves, hanging they can go as they please.