Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 months

always makes me a little sad.  40 weeks of pregnancy lasted forever but 10 months of life has flown by!
I love this little girl so much - she has seemlessly joined our lives never once adding any stress -  - in fact she has been a stress reliever. She has distracted me from the trials of unemployment and makes me smile all day!  She entertains all and I can already tell that she has peacemaking skills.
She has been late to get teeth - but is the first to pull-up and as you can see from the pictures already trying to climb the stairs. We are family of late walkers (past 15 months for all the others) but maybe she'll break that record.
She says da-da, will sometimes wave goodbye, and has fine motor skills that are impeccable. - Need anything microscopic picked up off your floor she's your man. She will eat it though!


Amanda said...

So true...Pregnancy drags on forever. The first year of life flies by!

Sarah said...

ooh, i love her like she's my own-- too bad she doesn't love me anymore :( every time i see her she's bigger-- it goes way too fast.