Thursday, May 07, 2009

I am mildly obsessed

I am trying to see how long I can go without air conditioning in this here Texas.

Its obviously for money saving reasons, but also because when we had a tune-up last year we had low freon. We were told that was a sign of thing-a-ma-gig developing small cracks. A good indication that we may have to replace our system sooner rather than later.  

I thought it was a scare tactic to talk us into a major purchase. BUT

by the end of summer we needed more freon.

So I am trying to not use this puppy and use it sparingly when I have to. 


I hate being hot!!! So I tried a new system this time around. I opened a ton of windows at night - and before you ask (no we don't have bad allergies and no I am not nervous about open windows - we have a big dog remember)

In the morning I close all windows, and blinds, and curtains - keeping in as much of that cool air as possible.  And I know it hasn't been too hot yet - but so far:


so tell me if I have made an accomplishment  or not - have you turned your's on yet? and if not tell me when you do...


Benteti5 said...

I say accomplishment. Ours has been on a month probably. Our bill is much better now that I'm in control of the stat. I like to open windows also for the fresh air, but I don't like it when it gets sticky. Freon leak, bad news.

Abby said...

That's pretty impressive. We had a freak heat wave here for a week a while back where it was nearly 100 degrees with craploads of humidity and I just can't stand that, especially sleeping on the top floor. So it was on nearly non-stop back then. But this past week it's hardly been on at all. In CO we grew up without any AC because it was only really, really hot for like, two weeks a year. But here? And this ridiculous humidity? No way.

Amanda said...

We have only had ours on a handful of times and that was for Steve. I can do pretty well with the heat (as long as I am not getting all dressed up to go somewhere.) If I am just in my "home clothes." I am fine with the heat. Steve can't take as much.....probably b/c he has more insulation than me:) Cause i know when I was preggo I was BURNING UP! ANd I know that is in part to increased blood flow and hormones too.... Good LUCK and let us know when u turn them on! I swear by ceiling fans!!!! We have one in every room of the house (including our closet!)

Nikki said...

I cannot live without a/c. when the stat hits 77 I'm dying and cranking it back down. However! My dad installed ceiling fans in all our major rooms. While it was like $600 for the fans, we've been keeping our a/c at 79 and just having the fans on high. Our bill was low. If you don't have fans, it might help to invest in some. We had to get some more $$ ones because we needed the stupid ceiling huggers because we have "standard" instead of vaulted ceilings, so we didn't have too many options. Just a suggestion though. Otherwise, hit the mall! That is ALWAYS air conditioned and it's easy to burn a few hours walking around there. :)

Ryann said...

It is like you are living in Europe! that is what we do. open the windows to let the cool air in. keep it up as long as you can!

Janie said...

we have ceiling fans in all but the kids rooms so I have stand alone fans for them.
it hasn't been too sunny so that helps but I have been totally comfortable the whole time

Janette said...

We haven't turned ours on downstairs yet ... and upstairs only a couple times. But, it's still a major accomplishment for you guys!!!! ... this is an energy star house, so I expect to turn it on less. :D

Chrystalee said...

Call me a wimp! I'm from CO so anything above 80 is like Death Valley to me. : )

OK ... so I lived the majority of my life in AZ but honestly, I was only a third of the size back then and the insulation wasn't an issue. I'd never live there now!!!!

Lisa said...

We have been upstairs for quite some time, but not downstairs.

Jennifer said...

Does it cool off in the evenings in your part of Texas? Maybe it's just a trendy California thing, but last year we invested in a whole house fan. You crack the windows and then the fan in the attic blows the hot air through the roof and sucks the cool air into your house through the windows. It's a bit noisy, but it really pulls that outside air into our home. We run it an hour or two in the evenings and then at the crack of dawn before things heat up. The house starts cool which limits any actual A/C time we need. Our A/C system does a great job at cooling a couple of rooms. But our family room, kitchen, daughter's room don't cool well with the A/C. We'd have a couple rooms like an ice box and several room still lukewarm.

I think you are brave to keep the A/C off. I get real cranky when the house is hot.

Good luck!

Janie said...

That whole house fan sounds wonderful but I don't know if it would be beneficial overall here.
Its only working for me so far because its still cool enough at night here to cool down the house -- its been averaging about 72 at night and with windows and blinds closed it was at 81 most of the day - it got to 83 in late afternoon

As soon as it stays hot at night I will lose the battle of no a/c

We are using fans in each room and sleeping with only a top sheet.

I will really miss the windows being open when it does get too hot I love the night breeze!