Saturday, May 02, 2009

It rained today

cora looking at sky

Cora checks out the sky


The girls play in the puddles


And dig up worms


and pose


Benjamin stays dry inside.


Janette said...

So ... I'm somewhat new to your blog ... does Benjamin hate to wear clothes? :D I have one of those over here.

ChellaJ [Rachelle] said...

I love Maiya's facial expressions!

Janie said...

Yes Janette - Benjamin HATES clothes. I was so worried I'd have the only kindergartner who stripped down in the middle of class. We did get him to stay in clothes all day for school. (although he does have to take off everything for #2 - weird I know)

Now as soon as he gets in the door shirt comes off. He NEVER wears pajamas -its like pulling teeth.