Saturday, December 03, 2011

Dr. Oz rubs his eyes real stressed out like.

Dr. Oz (he doesn't deserve such a cool name - I should see about revoking his rights)
hosted Dr. Glenn Gaesser on his show to discuss...

cue jaws theme...


Obesity is not the health crisis that we think it is. Click on that link to see the episode. - its choice in the most ridiculous sense. Dr. Oz gets so mad he keeps rubbing his forehead and just guffawing at the fact that you might be able to be fat & fit.

Keep in mind he makes his LIVING off of scaring people about their health. In fact he opens with saying the majority of americans are dying from one thing and one thing only - THEIR WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Breathe free thin folks, you get to live forever!!!

Gaesser got an invite to the show after he left this youtube video response to a previous episode.

Bread = crack?

Now once you see the episode ( its in the link up there - I can't embed because then we'd miss out on the weight loss plugs on his website) you can watch Ragen's rebuttal:

Please read her blog here to partake in more of her awesomeness!

Remember in all of this Doctors are not immune to the same crap info about weight and health that all of us are subject too. Dietitians and nutritionists either. Research has been hidden for years on this. Don't ever turn your own instinct over to someone because they have more education than you or are a professional - unless what they are selling makes sense. For me Dr. Linda and Dr. Gaesser make sense. Dr. Oz is a toddler having a tantrum because his meal ticket is being threatened.

It benefits no industry to say its not that big of a deal what size you are -

eat healthy and move your body.

got it?


Cathy said...

it's a shame more people don't think like Ragen.. LISTENING to the statistics and asking themselves if they make sense. Anyone can quote numbers and sound knowledgeable, but the truly knowledgeable person questions the facts and whether they make sense. Dr. Oz is on a money train. Like a kajillion of others, he has found the pot at the end of the "obesity" rainbow. Because what they really appeal to is shame. And if we can shame you, you will spend money to avoid the shame. It is a lonely world for that lone voice in the wilderness. But when you have true authenticity in your life, you cannot say something is so when you know it is not. Even when people disbelieve you. Remember: Galileo was reviled because he had the audacity to suggest that really the earth revolved around the sun instead of the other way around!

Janie said...

totally ticks me off that the ads youtube add to Ragen's thing are weight loss ones - they don't let her control it rrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh... She'd make a KILLING off of her blog if she added ads but they'd all be auto generated weight loss ones since that is her topic. it stinks