Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lots of good news

Good times, good times...
First the obvious - We are thrilled to be adding a little girl - and yes I will answer what I assume are your burning questions:
1. How do I feel about the baby being a girl? Yes I am obsessed with the number two and yes a boy would have made a wonderful set of two girls and two boys but (as my Dad would say there is always a big but...) I did have a tickly feeling this was a girl - even though I SWORE to everyone that I had no idea. There were signs: I saw an adorable little teeny tiny dress and knew I needed a little girl to put in it. And our reservations to Disney came last week and and the travel agent took it upon her self to give "Infant Oyakawa" a gender, yup : Girl. So for the record - I am thrilled that I will be the mother of one boy and three girls. Even though he is a boy's boy - Benjamin couldn't possibly be a better big brother to his sisters. And as far as companionship I think our new little girl will fit right in - as opposed to boys eight years apart. So there have been no pangs in my heart to change our plans for permanent birth control. The only thought that has crossed my mind is "hmmm it would have been interesting to know that would be the only baby boy of mine" To which Kyle replied - "Why? you wouldn't have done anything different" - True, true. Except one thing: I wouldn't have moved 8+ BOXES OF BABY BOY CLOTHES FOUR TIMES !!!!! Which leads to this announcement:
Mom of Oz will be consigning GOBS of adorable Boy clothes at the Just Between Friends Sale April 18 & 19 - check out the website and come buy everything from consigner #1414
2. Name: I know everyone is wondering but I can only say... long sigh...we have not officially decided - and with some experience under my belt I am not opening that debate to the public forum - we'll let you know when we (ahem Kyle) decides.
So in the excitement yesterday I didn't blog this important thing:
Happy Birthday Nana - we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and there is more...

Maiya got a "Big Girl" bed this weekend. The first night went wonderfully - hoopla, pictures and a sleeping girl one hour later WITHOUT "icky' her security blanket - We were thrilled. The next day naptime involved a lot of screaming, crying for icky, numerous protests, and no sleep. That night she fell asleep on the floor. Today she slept there just fine for her nap - so here is to hoping this transition roller coaster is winding down.
Other good news - Aunt Beth finished her first week of Chemo with relatively few problems - I am happy for her and hope the rest of the six months of treatment goes just as well!!!
Meg played her first real song on the violin!! I am so happy and proud of her - she has been working on it for a couple of months now - and I think she sounds really good, but then again I am tone deaf LOL - just kidding with ya Meg. - Well not totally I truly am tone deaf.
While she was here at Christmas, my mom made & froze white beans and rice - one of my favorites!!! Just like cajun red beans and rice, but better. I have tried several times myself but nothing, I mean absolutely nothing is as good as Mom's. I actually call it crack and rice, because I CANNOT GET ENOUGH of this yumminess.
And last but not least - THANKS MEG for watching the kids this weekend so we could sneak off to a four-star hotel in Dallas. With a little help from priceline we had room service, and a movie for less than the regular price of a room. It was a wonderful little honeymoon - I LOVE YOU KYLE!


Benteti5 said...

At least you have plenty of girly clothes to pass on down. Plus girls clothes are much funner to shop for. Boys don't have nearly the selection.

Jody said...

I love Maiya's comforter and pink sheets. They are adorable and very girly!!

Benteti5 said...

Cute bed Maiya. I know names are not up for discussion, but I have one for your pot. I don't see myself having any more girls so you can have a Keala for me. Pronounced kay, not key.

Janie said...

Jody - Its a Duvet cover from Ikea - love that place!!!!
Kristi- that's funny that you mention that name because we are staying with two syllable names that end with 'a' sound like Ella and Maiya - but that name reminds of the extremely popular "Makayla" and various versions

Benteti5 said...

It has 3 syllables, doesn't fit the profile. Guess I'll have to have my own Keala...or maybe not.
And what do we have to do to get an Ikea around here?

nanao said...

Just want you to know I like the names you're debating over (I won't tell!) but I heard a new one yesterday -- Lyndra. Thought it was kind of different but neat!!

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

congrats on finding out it's a girl! what is the lady at disneyland's number, maybe she could tell me and save me an ultrasound.