Monday, August 27, 2007


First Day
Tell us how you really feel about Mom taking a million pictures Benjamin So Handsome!!!
Thrilled beyond words - I think she has been ready for school since birth!!
Someone was a little sad - she decided to have a sit-in after the bus left - that's ok Mom had to stay and cry a bit too!


Hallie said...

I'm sending you hugs, because if you feel anything like I'm going to feel next week, you need them. I wish Ty would be as excited as Ella. He doesn't want to go.

Ryann said...

I can't believe that they are big enough to be in school! Gosh, it makes you feel old doesn't it? But congrats! You made i through the first day!

nanao said...

What handsome young children!! I hope they keep the enthusiasm they have now for a very long time! I know Ella has been waiting her "whole life" for this day! Ben is such a neat big brother to be by her side like that! Love you guys!!!