Sunday, July 08, 2007


We had so much fun yesterday!!! The lake was closed due to flooding. Which in case you are wondering we have weathered all of the rain just fine - just a soggy yard. So since we couldn't go there we spent the day letting mommy do her picture thing. I found that park on a local website that list great places to take outdoor photos. It was in the center of the Highland Park area of Dallas - one of the most expensive places to live around here - It was a beautiful park and a fun drive around million dollar estates. Then last night we took Maiya over to some friends (Thanks again Meredith!) so we could pay close attention to the RODEO!!! We had so much fun. Usually when we take Benjamin and Ella to events like that they are thrilled the first thirty minutes then start bugging us - but they were completely enthralled the whole time! I got to scoot over to Kyle and hold hands while they stayed mesmerized. The only sad part of the evening was Ella didn't get her name drawn to do "Mutton Bustin" - kids under 55lbs can ride a bucking sheep - too cute. But both of them did get to do the Calf chase. So come visit us everybody so we can have an excuse to go again.

Pony Rides

Mutton Bustin - this was the only kid who didn't immediately fall off.

Cowboy poker - each guy puts 100 in - last one still in his seat gets the money.

This guy was one of the best - scared me, first I thought he was stuck then I thought he was going to toss his cookies - but then he walked off like he was just chillin the whole time.

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