Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cancer Tour 2007

tubes and tubes
feeling tired
Mom and Tony at the end of the bad day.
Coming soon to a waiting room near you
We go to oncology, we go to radiation, we wake up and do it again the next day... For my mom some days are good, and some days just SUCK!!! She survived round one of chemo relatively well - you know other than her mouth feeling like she ate sandpaper and everything she drank tasted like windex. The hardest part of the whole process has been her Groshong catheter - two tubes that just about go straight to her heart. The site of the catheter needs to be covered in a dressing to keep germies from heading to her pumper - the problem is she is extremely sensitive to tape - tape actually becomes one with her skin - so much so that when we have to change it every two days both the tape and her skin come off. Its a real pleasure - the doctors are toying with the idea of breaking protocol for her and letting her go dressing free if she absolutely swears off public places. Its an interesting decision to make - exposed catheter or no skin. hmmmmmm
Aunt Beth is one week post tonsillectomy and is hating life too - the general idea is if you ever think you will need your tonsils taken out - go back in time and do it before preschool starts.
So for all of you with big extended families in good health thank your lucky stars. My family is tiny - thats it on my side folks my crew, Meg, my Mom, and my Aunt. So for two to be down and out kind of stinks.
So on to the silver lining...
Ella is a trooper. She has been patient from the get go - She loved the plane ride here. She has been a doll in each hospital waiting room. Tonight she gets back from Sesame Place with Ryann and her family. I am so grateful she could go and have a mini-vacation. Thanks Ryann and Terry!!
The other trooper in my life is Kyle - he may just be trying to make me feel better but he says he is doing ok without me and Ella. He is making it to work before noon ;) The kids are adjusting to day care (if you don't count constant runny noses), and the house is standing. Love you babe!!!
I miss Benjamin and Maiya - Benjamin prays every night that the cancer will heal soon so I can come back. Maiya is beginning to talk on the phone a little to me - but mostly she just sings me something that vaguely sounds like the ABC's.
Well give a shout out to the big guy for my mom - and here's to hoping that chemo and radiation are opening a HUGE can of whoop-ass on the cancer - no pun intended.
Just so you know I packed everything but the cord to upload my pictures so the cancer tour fans will have to wait for the photo gallery to appear at a later date.


Hallie said...

Janie, Your mom and Aunt Beth are definitely in my prayers. One of my younger sisters got her tonsils earlier this year and she was miserable. I've always heard it is more painful the older you are, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that mine behave and never have to come out. Erik was lucky and born without them. I'm glad to hear Ella is being such a trooper. This has got to be a hard time for her. Again, my prayers are with your family, and that this tour will be a one time deal. We don't need any reunion tours in years to come.

Benteti5 said...

If you need a break, head down here to the beach for a visit. Good luck to your Mom.