Thursday, July 26, 2007

Its finished

I am done. I finished Harry's adventures last night. It was sad - and no that is not a spoiler, it was just sad to close the book and know its over. Now I anxiously wait until the kids are old enough to become fans. Forget that, I think I am going to put the books on CD on my Christmas list and start them now.
You can be a snobby brit -but thanks for the long and fantastically engaging ride J.K.
For those non-fans out there - avoid the movies like the plague - read the books; its a universal truth especially poignant for the Harry Potter series - THE BOOK IS ALWAYS BETTER!!!

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Hallie said...

I totally agree. The books are always so much better. Tyler loves the movies, but I don't let him watch them very often. Usually only if they are on TV.

I haven't even bought the final book yet. My mom is reading it now, but I'm thinking that maybe subconciously I've convinced myself that if I don't buy the book yet, then it's not really the last one. That there will always be one more out there to read. But I'm definitely going to buy it. Can you imagine the hold list at the library for this book. It's probably 100 people long by now.