Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I think this might be my favorite milestone!

One of my big fears for my kids besides the obvious (you know illness, jail, teenage pregnancy, etc.) was would they like to read? I am not even that concerned that they be honor roll students. I mean that would be gravy. But I just want them to enjoy reading. I think you can learn just as much from reading for enjoyment as when you are told what to read via school. Well Benjamin has always liked books, easily demonstrated by at least ten being scattered in, around, and on his bed at any given time. But I suspected what he really liked were the pictures. So, hmmm, I'd say a year ago we started pushing chapter books. At first they have just been for me to read to them, until Kyle got Benjamin this book. I'll never know why some books grab you instead of others but this one grabbed Benjamin. The first night he picked it up he read two chapters. Without even a teaser chapter read by me. And then sadly that night ... I have always hesitated to blog about this to not embarrass him, but it fits in the story, anyway - his demon (intermittent bed-wetting) reared its ugly head. The accident destroyed the book which had imbedded itself in between the sheets. He was devastated - I was sad. I was afraid this might break his interest in the book. But not so! A few days later he said "you don't have to buy me a new book - they put it on the internet" He had googled the title on his own and found the sample pages on amazon. - ADORABLE -- well Daddy saved the day and got him a new copy. Last night when I went to put them in bed Benjamin says "I should read to you - the book is getting really good" And lo and behold he is eight chapters into the book - I couldn't believe it - 60 pages completely on his own. Before he started reading he says "oh yeah I should tell you what has already happened" - once again ADORABLE! And I got to see that he is not just reading - he is comprehending it all too. As he read to me I was truly beaming. He struggles through even the hard words for him: accompaniment, lured, melodies, the main character's name "Wolfgang Amadeus" - I remember words I didn't know right away really frustrating me at that age. He just kept plugging right along. I feel like I just got a set of keys to a whole new planet with him. so exciting

ABOUT THIS BOOK: Wolfgang Amadeus Mouse ("Wolf," for short) has a big name for such a little mouse. But the name fits. His favorite pastime is listening to Mrs. Honeybee, the lady of the house, play the piano. If only he could sing along to the music! One day, Wolf decides to try -- and to his surprise, out of his mouth comes a perfect melody.It's not long before Wolf is singing everything from "Three Blind Mice" to Chopin to the Beatles, all to Mrs. Honeybee's accompaniment. Then an accident leaves Mrs. Honeybee in danger, and it's up to Wolf to save her... the only way he knows how.


Sarah said...

I have told you that I am taking a reading comprehension course right now. The one thing that is hit on the head over and over is that readers must be exposed to various types of reading, not just what the teacher has asked them to read. The more a reader is exposed too, the stronger schemata he builds.

Okay, enough teacher talk. I love watching children learn. It's truly like a spiritual experience. Especially when you have had a part in their learning. Being a parent is the MOST rewarding teaching job I could ever have!!!! I know you feel the same.

Sarah said...

the code I just had to type in was, f u someting or other, thanks a lot!!! :D

Benteti5 said...

Has he read any Spiderwick books? Those books interest Shawn more than most others. They have a few pictures to keep him plugging along.

nanao said...

I know how you feel. I started reading early and did the same with Aaron & Kyle -- read to them before they could even sit up, let alone comprehend! And when they started reading to me, it was such a thrill! I am soooo proud of Benjamin! Give him a big hug for me and tell him I expect story time when we come to see you! :)