Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I am having a temper tantrum:

I want to vote today!
One of my biggest pet peeve's in life is people who are completely apathetic to politics - and if you regularly don't vote, PLEASE don't tell me - it would greatly affect my opinion of you. - Gosh I am a jerk, huh? Anyway, I have largely left out my opinions about this election out of laziness and surprise, surprise, to avoid controversy - see I am very opinionated like that. Then I got to thinking will everyone think I am like one of those people who do not participate at all in the political process? So here goes my concise opinion. I did have a long blog in my head that was fun and informative but I am too tired so here goes: GO MITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - And not because he is Mormon, but because he is a true Republican. And I only voted democrat once and regretted it for quite a long time, but I would like Obama to win the primary. And in case you are wondering McCain is not even a close backup wish for me - he is a democrat as far as I am concerned, and I worked on his campaign in 2000 - and was very displeased with some of his tactics. If Huckabee wins - I may vote democrat twice in my life!


Sarah said...

thanks Janie!!! I needed to hear that come out of your mouth, or your computer:)

Benteti5 said...

I wanted to vote too. How did they decide which states do and which don't? I remember your blog a long time ago about politics and you said if only Romney would run, then I would be into it. You got your wish. Wonder what Mitt stands for?

Janie said...

Full name Willard Mitt Romney - so I guess it doesn't stand for anything I would have guessed Mitchell?

My name is Andrea said...

What if we end up with an Obama/Clinton ticket and a McCain/Huckabee (trying not to throw up)? I may move to a more conservative country. Like Canada.

Anonymous said...

Both you and Rush have something in common - you both think McCain is too liberal. ;)

Your Mom and I are looking forward to canceling out each other vote next week. =^D


Janie said...

If that happens Andrea it may be the first time I don't vote despite my strong feelings about that - I won't want to be responsible for either!! Lets hope not -
You're right Tony Rush and I agree, but it didn't help Romney yesterday :(

Anonymous said...

Andrea, now you know how I felt in 2000... and again in 2004. :( Tony

Parlez-vous francais? ;)