Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hodge Podge...

"I am a Cub Scout, And a very happy boy. With a uniform of blue and gold. And a den that gives me joy. "
Benjamin at this Saturday's Blue and Gold Breakfast. They introduced the boys that will be joining this year. They also played a slideshow of the past year's activities. Benjamin's eyes got as big as saucers when they showed pictures of the BB gun range, and archery. He kept saying "I am soooo excited!!!" and Kyle said "I have may have to take off work and be there on that day of camp"
Here are pictures of my expensive Ouidad haircut and style done by the exceptional Karen at Styling Hutch. Meg and I both went and were very impressed. If you have curly hair I highly recommend this place. I can't quite duplicate the styling myself yet, but I'm working on it. Oh and I have no idea why I look like I am in the process of being abducted by aliens in this picture.
So on picture day... Lots of parents really dress up their kids, like Sunday best, I personally think its a school picture and want them to look like they do most days, minus dirt and stains.
Ella may be a true Texan - she wanted her hair "poufy" for picture day, I did the best I could:
Benjamin got a new haircut, and he looks so handsome if I do say so myself:
Artwork installation by Ella and Maiya, medium is sidewalk chalk mixed with water applied to glass:
I splurged on something I wanted for a long time - an overhead garage organizer. And Kyle being the good Dad he is decided he would store the kids up there. He only managed to grab Ella before the rest ran away. And true to her scaredy cat nature (possibly acquired genetically from me) it took ten minutes to coax her down.


My name is Andrea said...

I thought your hair looked darling tonight! You did a great job! And, darling hair, Ella! Tell Ben that scouts is even funner (more fun?) than the pictures and that camp is the best time Parker has ever had in his LIFE!

Benteti5 said...

I like Ella's hair doing the pouf; your hair looked great too. Having straight, lifeless hair like mine, I'm always jealous of you curlies. Benjamin will love scouts. Shawn likes it when he goes, the reason to stay home, it's on Thursdays and cuts into Survivor night. Can you blame him?

Sarah said...

I love the drama!!! Your hair does look great!!! Thanks again for your help.

Ryann said...

Has Ella ever been interested in drama? And I like all of the hair. Well done!

Abby said...

I love that video. It's like trying to get a cat out of a tree.

And don't your kids look adorable! I remember Ella being just a baby who wouldn't wear socks or shoes. I'm old.

And I really love your hair. Only half of mine is curly; the other half is part wavy and part straight. It makes for crappy hair. Yours looks marvelous, although you do look a tad frightened in that photo.

Oh, and Benjamin looks handsome with his new haircut, indeed. He looks like you. :)

Jody said...

I love the video. Sounds like a typical girl. It was good to hear your voices. I love the hair.

kira lee said...

wow!!! love the hair!!!