Sunday, February 05, 2012

some things that are helping:

I am sick.

it sucks.

like soul sucking depression of depths unknown.

but some things that have helped me so far:

Morning sickness or Hyperemesis Gravidarium, or HG... causes for me:

this unrelenting bad taste in my mouth,

its like a cross between metal, vinegar and raw rotten meat taste.

And its there ALL. THE. TIME.

and get this toothpaste tastes awful, don't even suggest a brand I've tried them all. And even if I use none brushing make me gag and flossing past my two front teeth GUARANTEES vomiting.

But I read on Knocked up and Knocked over about swishing with baking soda and Lord shined down upon my soul it helps. Only for about five minutes - but it helps.

So I am doing that.

Then I decided from the abnormally large amount of stomach acid that I can throw up at any moment that I have a problem there so I added max strength zantac to my homemade dilectin. And IT HELPS!!

and then there is the making of too much spit production and I have just had to deal with that.

I seriously can't come up with any possible reason biologically for this crap.

oh well..

I hear morning sickness is during the phase of placenta production.  So I regard that extra organ with reverence. Because if during the sickest I ever get in my life I make a whole other organ that grows a tiny human. Its pretty cool

and barf inducing.

and I have kept myself occupied while on the couch (I hate being this lazy) by watching as much of Downtown Abbey as I can access and reading all of this OB's blog:

Because any super busy OB in the deep, deep south who fights for VBAC's and thinks pitocin should be outlawed is a hero of mine even if the blog is sprinkled with crude obesity jokes.


Ryann said...

I have been wanting to call you but remembered that you are not often up to talking all that much when you are so sick. Only 16 or so more weeks of this right? You'll make it!

Amanda said...

Uggg. ,
Makes me sick just thinking about it. I had most of all those things too....but not as bad as u it seems for sure:(
The thing that helped my mouth taste and extra spit was jolly ranchers...only cherry.....I bought so many bags...had one in car one in purse.....and threw all the other colors away. Sounds insane..but it kept me from throwing up many times.....other times nothing could help.......
You will make it....I know u already know that though;)

Janie said...

sour patch kids help too - but only if I have one constantly in my mouth because as soon as its gone its worse, and then I end up eating too many and they are like lead in my stomach.

white airheads work well too.

Have I mentioned how much fun it is to have a bag of candy by your side with five kids around. I need a stick to fight them off.

the baking soda they aren't so much interested in that.

Cathy said...

I remember when I was having the chemo and I had that metallic taste in my mouth, the only thing that tasted sort of okay was the cherry Luigi Italian ice. Maybe its the cherry seeing the other comment above. If it's any consolation, I was that sick or sicker when pregnant with you. And with Meg? don't even go there. I threw up at least once every 45 minutes, round the clock for WEEKS. And you ladies came out pretty damn well!