Monday, September 21, 2009

there is too much, I will sum up

  • There is Kyle's broken car. We are going to try to fix her ( is your car a her or a him) Ours like ships are mostly beautiful maidens - We have found all the needed parts at a junkyard for around $400 bucks, so next paycheck we'll buy them, haul them a way in a in our lovely minivan (thank goodness for her) then we will delve into some DIY body work.
  • Speaking of DIY, we changed the oil ourselves on said minivan this weekend. We were quite satisfied with ourselves when all was said and done. Especially when we realized that the wal-mart had been putting the wrong oil type in our van!
  • I have notes from the other kiddo's inteviews to blog about but I also have pictures to take and work on so for another day - but here is a little update about them anyway.
  • Benjamin is growing up - you know how I can tell? he is getting sarcastic and its CRACKS ME UP - like when he told his dad yesterday "Geez man how long did it take you to ever get a girl!"
  • Ella got new glasses again. The pair that was $130 were driving me crazy slipping off her nose. So we headed to walmart and got some frames that were perfect for $9 bucks!!
  • Maiya has taken to talking non-stop ALL THE TIME - if you listen to her great if you don't that's ok too she'll just keep talking and talking and talking and talking and talking
  • Cora, oh sweet Cora - is there nothing cuter than little chubby fingers waving goodbye. She is very into waving she can do the open hand close hand wave, or the open hand wave violently side to side wave - which often turns into clapping.
ok gotta go - have teacher conferences this morning.

and I have another video - you guys probably don't love these as much as I do - but I always love them and since some of you aren't LDS you may not have to check the ward calendar as much as me - which is how I usually find out there is another video but this one NieNie told us about and she is in it too:

Wait I have one more, because I love how Elder Holland doesn't mince words in this one - want to read more go here


Abby said...

I really loved that hope video, thanks.

Also, wanted to say I loved your title--cracked me up.

Benteti5 said...

Funny, both of cars are boys. Sylvester and Big Blue, although Big Blue could be a girl's name, but I've always thought it was a boy. It should be tweety to match, but I didn't think about that.

Janette said...

Maiya talks non-stop, really? She hardly speaks over here. Hilarious.