Friday, October 19, 2012

If I had one wish than it would be...

It's a little past midnight. I am officially halfway to seventy years old. Kyle held me tonight just when the clocked flipped to 12, kissed me and said happy birthday babe. In the morning my mom will call and tell me what she was doing at whatever time it is - thirty five years ago. "they were wheeling me to the OR" "I was in the recovery room" "I was holding you" Do children ever tire of hearing about when they were born? this kid doesn't. Then she will sing the primary version of happy birthday.
Thirty wasn't a biggie to me but this 35 business kind of is - I gave birth to Nola just under the mark of what is considered "advanced maternal age"

35 and you know what? I have an awesome life. As far as goals go - I am exactly where I wanted to be when I dreamed of this day. I always wanted to be a college graduate happily married with six kids- and here I am

When I was a kid I said it would be four boys and two girls ... But four girls and two boys is awesome.

Things can be hard. Money is tight. The walls are dirty and the carpets stained and just about everything is sticky, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

My emotions are always tender in this postpartum stage - but it's a happy tender. A realization that this is a great moment that like most, passes too quickly.

So hear,hear to enjoying the next thirty five years! I suspect it's going to be awesome


Ryann said...

You are an amazing, compassionate, honest, loving, kind, and overall wonderful woman! I hope that you have a fabulous birthday!

Nana to Oz said...

Happy Birthday to the most awesome Daughter-in-law a person could have!! If I could have special ordered you and picked out all the traits I wanted you to have, I couldn't have done better. You are a loving wife, a fantastic mother, and an understanding and wonderful friend!! I hope the next 35 years are all you wish them to be! I love you!!!!
Your "other mother".

Joni K. Martin said...

Wishing you the very best of birthdays! Happy day to you!!