Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Can you believe five kids and almost twelve years and the only justifiable emergency room visits have been for me? Until Sunday, in a freak occurrence the dog was lunging away from Benjamin and hit PJ right in the bum catapulting him right into the corner of the wall by the fireplace. In seconds there was blood EVERYWHERE and Kyle and I were in our Sunday best undress right after an afternoon nap.
I ran to get us better clothes, fell in the kitchen... the dogs got out the front door following after the hysterical girls...
It was chaos.
but we got to the ER 
He got numbing medicine and then Kyle and I and a nurse held him down for stitches.
the cut was too large to be glued.

Holding down your screaming baby is 


You'd do anything for it to be you instead of them.

And for this they had to cover his face for the sterile area. Restrained and can't see. 
so sad.

As soon as it was over he stopped crying. It took me a while though.

The following pics are in reverse order, if you don't want to see the gash before stitches don't scroll.


Brooke said...

Sad sad sad.

Tough kiddo!

Sarah said...

:( so sad!!

Nana to Oz said...

You forgot Ben and the "bug in the ear" but that wasn't nearly as traumatic as this was!!!! Still, that's 2 in 12 years, pretty good record!!

Janie said...

I filed that under urgent care - not rush to ER worthy :)

Nana to Oz said...

yea, I see the "distinction" -- and certainly agree!! PJ's wins!! :)