Sunday, September 01, 2013

Best Links for Circumcision information.

I am often asked about unbiased, drama free circumcision links. That is hard - for one thing - bias is everywhere! And sadly peer reviewed methodologically sound studies are not that prevalent for circumcision. Here is one 
The take away from that study is that to prevent one UTI 111 boys will need to be circumcised. BUT the complication rate is 2%, so 2 out of 100 will have a complication to prevent less than one UTI.

To find an unbiased article or blog post that would require someone one day deciding to tackle circumcision when they have no real vested interest in the subject. I think that default should be to NOT doing a painful procedure unless there is solid evidence that it is needed or that there is a deformity to correct. Add to the mix that the person having the procedure done to them might one day want to read up and decide themselves I think its a pretty firm ethical offense to take that choice away.

Lets help the dads with this... Helping dad be on board with his son being different, his son being intact.

My advice. Remember moms to always be gentle (but firm.) and don't fall back on "He has the penis so he should decide." Anatomically the foreskin correlates with a female clitoral hood. Same tissue, different formation. So if dad was circumcised you actually have more in common with your newborn son. So yes he has the penis but YOU have a foreskin. Any argument made for your son's foreskin being removed imagine if it was was your clitoral hood being discussed. If you don't want that removed don't remove your son's foreskin.

If this is about the locker room, remember the tide is turning, soon, if not already, the circumcised boys will be the minority.

Anyhow, here are the following best links (I feel) for helping dad:

Elephant in the Hospital:

Penn and Teller Bullshit episode on Circumcision (NSFW):

Craig Ferguson on Circumcision:

Joe Rogan (NSFW)


The Circumcision Decision

Banned from Baby Showers Circumcision and HIV 

Myths about Circumcision

Oxford special issue on the ethics of circumcision

Any suggestions for what you think would sway a reluctant father's mind?

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George said...

It is indeed true that there is huge bias, one way or the other, in just about everything published on male circumcision.

There is a reason for this. Circumcision generates intense emotions in the circumcised male. This is further explained in this article:

Hill G. The case against circumcision. J Mens Health Gend 2007;4(3):318-23.

which may be found at: