Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Game-room aka Emerald City is done

Spring Break became a big project - a long time ago I saw this giant Oz poster at the theater and I wanted it, so the next day I called and asked if I could have it. And they said sure "you are on the clipboard" fast forward to the week I was supposed to get it... called and she said the manager ignored the clipboard and promised it to a friend. I was so sad. Then lo and behold it was too big for them to take, if I still wanted it - it was mine. So one week ago we walked into the theater to pick it up. To say its big is an understatement. I am sure Kyle wanted me to give up. It was a full de-build project in the theater lobby, then once home (in two trips) we weren't sure it would fit.
I decided if major reorganization was going to take place I might as well paint. I had bought the paint from the habitat for humanity restore while pregnant back in the summer (little under $30 with coupon for 5 gallons!), then decided the job was above my pregnant energy level.
So we painted. And if you give a mouse a cookie... New paint meant new sofa cover:
Which I couldn't believe but I found an in-the-box cover in the as-is department. It was green. I feared I was going a little overboard in the green department, but hey let's just take this theme and run with it. So here it is: the new gameroom. With kids corner, dress clothes area and Gigantic OZ in the corner ;)


Nana to Oz said...

Love it!!! It's even better "in person"!! Great job guys!

Jaime said...

Looks so awesome! I am impressed! Especially that you got such a big project done in such a short time :) You're amazing Janie!

Ryann said...

Absolutely love it!

Chrystalee said...

That is an awesome OZ set-up! I'm so glad you got it in the long run.

Chrystalee said...

That is an awesome Oz display! So glad you were able to get it after all.