Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Its a hard knock life...

During the summer I saw an email come across that they were opening up auditions for the high school rendition of Annie to the lower grade levels to fill the orphan parts. I told Ella and thus started over a month of hearing this over and over.
Auditions brought over a hundred kids up to the high school, I carried my TEN months pregnant self and Ella up there. Ella was even brave enough to stick around to audition for a speaking part, which meant a solo performance. She knocked it out of the park, but sadly didn't get a speaking part. But she did get a part as an orphan in the play.
The play had an interesting aspect - it was a play done in monochrome black & white. Everybody and everything on set was in only black and white like this:

Until Annie adopts her traditional red hair and clothes in the last few happy scenes.
We had to keep this feature under wraps from the community so I was no allowed to take pictures of her and not allowed to share them anywhere if I did until after the performances were all done...
so without further ado here is Little Orphan Ella:

And post show:

This was such a great opportunity for her and she loved every second of it - I hope that they do this again in the future.

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