Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Taking care of yourself after baby's delivery.

Over the weekend I had a deep freezer with every shelf covered in maxi pads. I have to have some frozen pads after baby. This was one of my last hesitations of birthing at home vs. the hospital, I LOVED those ice pads - they were so convenient and soothing. Then I found out you can buy them online, but they are 2.40 for ONE. And I wanted about 20.  So I learned how to make my own. And I had to learn without google's help. So I thought I'd help out other moms on what I found out to work the best. Last time I froze different things on different brands of pads - this is my favorite:
 I make herbal mixture from this Herbal afterbirth bath - you can get here 
In the video I called it 'tea' its not tea - don't drink it. It won't kill ya but it won't taste good. After baby you can make another batch to refill your peri bottle with. Ahhhh the peri bottle, a new mother's best friend.

The herbal mix has all this wonderful stuff in it: 
Comfrey leaf, Lavender flower, Shepherd's Purse, Uva Ursi leaf, Plaintain leaf, Red Raspberry leaf, Yarrow flower & Sea salt.
 It smells SOOOOOOO good! I wish there was smell-o-blog.
I wrap up a small handful into gauze and tie with rubberband. I made sure to leave enough of the mixture for me and baby to take an herbal bath after the birth, its healing for mom and baby. (my bits and baby's cord)

 bring to rolling boil then let steep - I let steep overnight.
Ok this is my favorite brand of pad for after delivery. They are BIG. They are SOFT. And they don't have wings - I usually like 'wings' but not when I am sensitive down there - no need for something to flip over and turn into a wax strip on me. 
Here they are freezing - once frozen I moved them all into one box, all ready to go.

and here is how I did it: 

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Nana to Oz said...

You are sooo cool!!! such wonderful ideas and so sweet to share them!!