Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things I will do different this time

Now that I am not so sick I can start planning a bit - PJ's birth was darn near perfect but I still have those things that I think to myself I would do differently.

We are not finding out the gender - Oh yeah I already said that. And I do have to say buying new gender neutral stuff has been fun! I am wondering if not knowing will make me actually cry at the birth? I don't have that female thing of happy crying all that much. Sometimes it makes me feel like I have the wrong reaction to certain events - but its just me.

I will PLAN on being way overdue and relish the last bit of pregnancy.

I am NOT getting my membranes stripped. I've read too much now and understand the risks and I don't think it helps anyway.

I don't "think" I will even get checked at those last one or two prenatal visits, but maybe I will - we'll see. I am hoping to resist the urge.

I was really hoping for significantly LESS prenatal visits but that makes the midwife uncomfortable so I chose not to push that battle.

Have been debating about Kyle and I being solo - even getting the midwife to stay in the neighboring room - but this decision is still in discussion.

** Except for, we WILL have a birth photographer this time.

Operation AFTERPAINS....

ooooo boy those hurt like crazy! I am going to try just about everything on this list, but I am most looking forward to stomach binding. I don't know how to approach it - but after PJ I felt like my insides were just going to roll forward right out of me - I said it was "tender" to the midwife when she asked but really I HATED that feeling. I said I needed advil and she said they shouldn't be that strong, I said "oh OK" then popped three advil the minute she left LOL
The loosey goosey feeling was so weird, like I almost wanted to put on spanx - who ever wants to put those on?

I don't know what kind of wrap I'll use but I'm researching.

I am going to FORCE myself to take it easier in the first week after birth. After Cora I was out on the town in like 3 nights and was rather happy to be. But now I know how fast and precious those newbie minutes fly and I am going to try to do what the midwives say and stay in bed for one week. We shall see!

Staying home does seem to help me avoid mastitis - and I really, really want to avoid that!

Its amazing to me that while I should be well accustomed to this, its always super exciting and a bit overwhelming to plan your life for a new baby.

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AmberLou said...

I used a neoprene elasticy exercise thingy from WalMart for binding my belly. It cost $10 and was a miracle! I totally recommend binding bellies!