Monday, May 14, 2012

23 weeks and the great mystery...

Though it seems strange to say...
I've never been laid so low
In such a mysterious way...

The mother and child reunion 
Is only a motion away

Mother and Child Reunion by Paul Simon

The baby is the size of a mango. And when a mango kicks your bladder - you know it!
I am over halfway and in that period that I struggle with the most. I am 'better'. This bout with hyperemesis was... tough. It always is though. I got better sooner but it has lingered longer - if that makes sense. The other morning I missed breakfast in a rush to get to Ella's presentation at school. By time I got out of the school at 11:00 I barfed in the parking lot. - But there was nothing in my stomach so I just heaved up stomach acid. 

I am anxiously awaiting the energy surge of the second trimester to appear, but I may have to go hunt that down myself.

We have decided to wait to find out the gender until babe is in arms this time. Since you know we've done this before and have everything we need, we figured, why not?
Baby will be in our room to at least six months like all the rest have been, that gives us plenty of time to rearrange as needed. Plus it will be fun to buy some gender neutral layette items.

We still haven't had our mid pregnancy anatomy scan - that won't happen until the end of the month. I'll be 25 weeks then, a bit later than 18 weeks but that's cool with me, I'm in no rush. Thinking about it has made me reminisce about our gender reveal parties we had with the other kiddos. We were having those before the pink or blue icing in the middle of the cake was "in".

Benjamin - Our ultrasound was on 12/30 so we revealed his gender when the clock struck midnight on New Year's. And then called extended family and friends in the middle of the night to share the news.

Ella- we didn't have a party, we had recently moved and didn't know many in the area, we found out at the ultrasound - and she didn't cooperate well, so we left 75% sure it was a girl and had dinner with Aunt Meg. I remember announcing in therapy room the next morning to all my co-workers and patients that I was having a girl. Everyone was so happy for me and said how nice it was that I could be "done" since I had both a boy and a girl. HA on them!!

Maiya - Big shrimp boil with our friends in Va Beach. I remember feeling immediate relief when we found our it was a girl. I was a bit stressed to provide a sister for Ella (silly I know)

Cora - Our first texan baby - we revealed here on video countdown style.

Parker - Our fortune cookie reveal - It was fun to make tons of fortune cookies!

So now I let my mind wander to this baby growing and wonder and enjoy that wonder...



Heather said...

I have been trying to post on here forever, since I met you at Mcdonalds a LONG time Yea it finally works!

Janie said...

OH no I wonder why you couldn't comment before? I had fun talking with you that day - we should get together again - are we close? I don't remember