Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meg and Justin get married Part one.

Or as Cora would say "Aunt Meg and Gustin get marwied at the wedding..."

I know I know I haven't been blogging.  Just wasn't in the mood. But I so want to try to capture what my baby sister's wedding was like and I decided to put it in three parts because there is so much and it started off feeling somewhat akin to the fiery gates of hell. (no disrespect Meg or Justin)

Wednesday February 29th aka Leap Day: I wished for death. I came down with the flu. Bonafide flu on top of morning sickness that was starting to get slightly better. I had a fever of 103 and coughing constantly which snowballed almost each and every time into gagging then vomiting. I called Kyle home from work and called the midwife's office (side note here - I called the midwife that I wasn't sure if I wanted to hire Kathleen Mayorga because at this point we were pretty sure we were going to do this unassisted) As soon as someone answered the phone I broke down in tears. Like the ugly heaving sobbing tears. "heave... I'm sick so sick and then I got real sick on top of pregnancy sick and my sister gets married in TEN DAYS and I need to get better" She said come into tomorrow at 9 ... so I did and clicked with the midwife and got meds of the prescription variety.

And the days went on inching closer to the wedding. I worried that I wouldn't fit in my dress (I did.) On March 7th I hit 13 weeks and my mind wandered to minutes after my pregnancy test came up positive to when I checked my due date to see exactly how pregnant I'd be come the wedding. And then here I was 13 weeks... and feeling as crappy as I was afraid I'd feel.

Thursday March 8th (two days till the wedding) Ella gets home from school and in the front room where the dogs reside when in their kennels ... Ella shrieks "OH MY GOSH MOM WE CAN'T HAVE THE WEDDING ITS ALL RUINED" I walk into to see that the dogs have pulled in the bag of Meg's wedding accessories and chewed up EVERY. SINGLE. personalized napkin. My mind wouldn't process it at first - I thought there had to be an extra bag with more somewhere but no. Then I saw next to the kennel a full stack and I picked them up with hope in my heart. They had every corner perfectly chewed off.
Paper Lion saved the day and agreed to a rush order that was even more rushed than ever and we had personalized beautiful napkins ready the next afternoon. ($$$$)

Thursday night Meg comes to stay here until the wedding. Says at dinner her tooth is bothering her a little bit. (thinking castaway?, yeah you should)
Maiya has a fever of 102 before bed. Everyone gets medicine and we go to bed.

4 am Friday morning (day before the wedding) Meg wakes me up in tears at the side of my bed - Her tooth is in raging pain she can't stand it AT. ALL. Should she call the emergency dentist? I talk her into waiting until office opens.  Office opens they take her in - Major abscessed tooth - too infected to treat that day she is sent away with vicodin and antibiotics.

10 am we get pedicures which would have been 1000% relaxing if not for the two women who brought crying babies to their pedicure. Cause fight on facebook over that - never said I wasn't opinionated.

1pm rehearsal. Meg's pants catch on car door and rip in the back. She cries.

At rehearsal I can tell Cora is getting sick.

After rehearsal meal, Meg starts getting violently nauseous from vicodin. I'm not feeling good either.
Mom drives her two about to vomit daughters around trying to tie up loose ends.

**At this point there is a boatload of loose ends - flowers for cake, favors to assemble, vows to write, shoes to buy, suspenders to find, water pearls to soak...

We get the flowers for the cake and call it a day. We get home and Meg starts vomiting. Kyle meanwhile has cleaned the entire house in case we get company here from any extended family (in the end no one comes over - not funny he says)

Kyle and I assemble favors and Benjamin walks downstairs to say goodnight. And tell me that his eye hurts... Raging pink eye and Cora's fever is confirmed. More meds.

The next morning (Wedding is at 11 supposed to be outside) I go to wake up Meg at 6 - I turn on the light and she looks rather zombie-ish. Says she hasn't slept a wink.  I go get ready next I find her in her underwear at my kitchen table saying she's too nauseous to move, but then does move, runs to vomit.

Here I am the place I have been praying about since finding out I'd be in morning sickness territory at my sisters wedding, and she is the one in the bathroom puking. It was surreal and terrifying.

Phone call to made to Sarah.. because she is my voice of reason when I am freaking out. Within a half hour Dylan and Kyle give Meg a priesthood blessing.

She manages to shower and Kyle and the rest of us get everything in the cars - I am sure we will have forgot something.

Pretty soon I get Meg in the car and we leave - much later than planned...

Surrey House calls to ask if we are moving the outdoor wedding in... I try to ask Meg but she is vomiting... AGAIN.

Did I mention I was terrified?

We all arrive - two sick kids, one with pink eye, a nauseous matron of honor and a vomiting bride...

to be continued...

(meg on the way to be marwied, that bwessed awanagement with no cold feet but an abcessed tooth and a bad reaction to vicodin.)


Amanda said...

Oh the HORROR! I am almost scared to hear the rest!
And I can't take any pain. Mess they all make me vomit....have to have phengran (sp) with them...then I am knocked I haven't taken any pain mess in many many years.

Cathy said...

Making memories!

Sarah said...

This whole day was surreal. . . and I was only watching from the sidelines :D

Brooke said...

Two words.

Holy Crap.