Thursday, January 31, 2013

Catfish, Nola Anne's Birth story Part 3

When there's nowhere else to run
Is there room for one more song
One more song
If you can hold on
If you can hold on, 

hold on

When I left you hanging on the story of Nola's birth.. It was Monday, my due date had passed the Wednesday before. I had walked out of my midwife's office with labor start herbal remedy in my purse but had decided I'd trust time a while longer. She wanted to see me on Thursday. I hoped I'd see her well before then.

I hoped desperately that labor would start.

any minute now.

I decided I'd try every fun recipe ever purported to start labor. I had more spicy Thai then parmigiana and pineapple...


more walking and then the fun stuff (ahem wink, wink)

and nothing.

Thursday morning rolled around and I found myself back at the midwife's. She recommended the non-stress test with the back up OB. I said is that for at 41 weeks or within the 41st week? This was a big distinction for me at this point because if I had to do it at 41 weeks I needed to go right then. Otherwise I had six more days.  She was happy that I had kept detailed kick counts, looked over those and said I could wait until Monday.

I was beginning to be more open to trying the herbal route, even though I desperately didn't want to "induce" labor in anyway. I was starting to feel like the herbal path outweighed the risks. I left her office saying I'll think about it and might start taking it. 1 teaspoon an hour when I was ready were my instructions.

Called and cancelled the birth photographer I had lined up after the one I had arranged early in the pregnancy bailed on me. The one that was coming I didn't know, and now I might have to use the money I had set aside for a non stress test.

I went with the two littles in tow to buy valves for my medela.

I was trying to get everything in order. I didn't know if there was anything mentally blocking me from going into labor.

Called my sister from the store parking lot. "Hey Meg, I bought boob juice valves. I'm going home and I'm gonna take this stuff." Want to come over in the off chance I get sent into orbit with it and have a baby in like an hour?

She was on her way.

Called Kyle. Hey babe. I'm gonna take this stuff.

"Should I come home?"

Nah. Meg is coming over. If you leave work I'll feel bad and there will be pressure - besides nothing will happen anyway... just keep your phone close.

Meg and her bestie Ashley came over and we went back and forth from chillin to dancing. All the while I took a hit of the midwife's mix every hour.

I danced around the island to Killers.

We oppa'd gangnam style

Hour after hour and ....


Kids came home from school. Kyle came home from work. Ashley had to leave. I fought major feelings of defeat.

Meg and I decided to head over to sprouts and see what herbal concoctions they had available to the overdue and desperate.  Bought a some cohosh from them and she was going to take me back home and head back to her house.  One the way I saw a sign twirler swinging a sign that said:



"I want catfish."

We pulled into the eclectic catfish place that smelled of grease and walls were covered in handwritten scriptures and African American Christian artwork. All was just as it should be! The best catfish has to come in an eclectic environment. (Thems the rules)  I ordered my catfish which came in the requisite red basket fried to soul searching goodness. I said I hope you added something that will make me go into labor. She looked at me right in the eyes. "It's a girl".

Come back and tell me if its a girl ok?

Meg and I sat and ate. I let my mind rest. I took one drop of the newly purchased non-midwife approved stuff and it burned under my tongue. I said officially that was it. No more trying to prod labor along. No more I tell you.It would happen when it was time to happen. No more mental bargaining. I screwed the cap back on and wished I hadn't bought it.

The catfish was delicious. Of all the meals I had that week, ones that should have been fun, there was too much hope that it would help flick labor into motion. This meal was just what I wanted. A gal from Louisiana's dream meal. I was ready to get some sleep and enjoy one more morning waking up with a belly full of baby.

Meg said she better head back home I stood up from the table, tummy full and heart at ease, and was met with a contraction the likes of which I hadn't felt since ... oh the last time I had a baby...

Things were happening. Just when I fully surrendered to the process.

Here is the place to get catfish.. I need to get back there and tell her yes I had a baby girl.

and this is the Killers song I recommend dancing to, whenever but especially if you are trying to get labor going:

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