Saturday, July 29, 2006

Boy am I tired...

But I know that is no excuse - I have been thoroughly chastised by family and friends.

We are still getting settled, and it doesn't quite feel like home. BUT the kitchen is unpacked and the cable is hooked up - the two most important things right?? I don't think I will ever get the girls room organized, everytime I try Maiya gets too grumpy to stay with me, and when I put her down to sleep I can't work in there. I was thinking of putting the kids in day care just so I could finish getting this house put together.

I promised details of the trip here, but the pain of unpacking has begun to deaden those memories, but I still need to once again thank everyone that helped. We couldn't have done it without everyone!! It seemed like we ran out of room in the Uhaul about five minutes after we picked it up. We gave away a bunch of stuff, then had to do some major maneuvering to finish packing the rest.
The trip itself went relatively well, despite one "break down" with the Uhaul which was beyond frustrating at the time but only cost Kyle a couple of hours. Meg and I went on with the kids and animals. We managed both closings in one week. And even though it may take me forever to get it straight - I am loving the new house.

Funny comments from the kids post move:

Benjamin --
"This house is cool - there is one room, then another, then another..."
At Walmart "Wow this is just like our walmart - they must like Virginia Beach - they are copying it!"

Ella --
The second night here they were playing outside and she forgot the sliding glass door was closed and ran smack into it at full speed. The next day I found her going back and forth through the door; "what are you doing Ella?" - "Practicing not running into the door"

Ella has also been concerned about Santa Claus - will he know where we are? - will he get burned if we have a fire?. Its funny to me that they weren't really concerned about how he would get in when we didn't have a chimney and now that we do they're worried.

Monday, July 17, 2006

We're here!!

It was one heck of a ride but we are home... here are a few pics; story to follow ;)
Hitting the road from Nana's
"oops" - somewhere in Bristol
Aren't we a sight! - somewhere in Tennessee
Thanks for the conversation Meg!
Maiya found one way to keep herself occupied
"YEAH - we're in TEXAS"
We're home!!
The kids were in shock - "the new house is sooo cool!"
Celebrating with some sparkling cider!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

VA to TX...

Well tomorrow it begins... We are going to church and saying some more goodbyes then leaving for Aunt Beth + Meg's in the afternoon. We will pack her then us on Monday, close on the house on Tuesday and hit the road. We will spend the first night with Nana and Gram in Danville. We will close on the house down there on Friday and unpack the truck on Saturday. Kyle spoke to someone from the ward down there and there will be a few people to help us on Saturday. The Church is so cool!

So most likely the next time I blog, I'll be a bloggin' Texan. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth!!!

Some pics...
Maiya likes to get into everything I am packing or unpacking - boxes, drawers, cabinets, under beds, closets, etc.
mmm. outback. mmm.
Bye-Bye Kylie
"that's not quite smiling Maiya"